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Retail Spotlight – Homestate Dispensary in Eureka, MO

Not far from the 44/109 interchange in the Hilltop Village shopping center you will find the Eureka location of locally-loved Homestate Dispensary.

Upon arrival you should find plenty of parking spaces, including a handicap-designated parking spot not far from the entrance. Locals may remember it as a PNC Bank in its former life, but now it is a dank bank just waiting for you to come and withdraw some high-quality cannabis.

The inside of the store stays true to the Homestate Dispensary design and decor, with waist-level display cases generously spaced in an open floor plan that is easily accessible to all sorts of customers. A Homestate Team Member will gladly help you find what you need and apply any possible savings at checkout.

Be sure to sign up for free for the Homestate DIspensary Rewards program and grab their custom smartphone app to keep track of your points to decide how and when to cash in your future savings. Also, sign up for their free email newsletter to keep up to date on deals, events, and menu additions, and get even MORE savings for doing that! 

Both Homestate Dispensary locations have cool pop-up events onsite, often featuring reps from your favorite cannabis brands. Who knows, maybe you’ll bump into the Beard Bros there one day! They keep an event calendar up to date on their website. Both shops do have ATMs, they accept debit cards in the store, and you can also view their current menu and even order online and enjoy a sweet 10% savings for doing so. One of a wide array of daily deals that they offer.

Just like the Creve Coeur location of Homestate Dispensary, the Eureka shop is earning an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from customers who all rave about the amazing selection and even better customer service that they receive when they visit.

We dropped a little hint above, but we might as well come right out and scream from the rooftops that both Homestate Dispensary locations now have some top shelf products from Beard Bros Pharms on their menus. We are stoked to be featured on the Homestate Dispensary menus alongside local legends like Heartland Labs, Vertical Cannabis, Hot Box Cannabis, Dixie Cannabis, and others.

Eureka, Missouri is home to a very popular Six Flags amusement park location, so swing by Homestate Dispensary so you can get baked before the adventure!

Homestate Dispensary in Eureka – An Education-Focused Cannabis Dispensary Proudly Serving the Greater St. Louis Area

Homestate Cannabis in Eureka believes that consumer education is a key to unlocking the full potential of benefits that the cannabis plants, in its varying forms of consumption, can provide.

“Homestate has an incredibly diverse team with a variety of backgrounds – but they all are passionate about helping their neighbors find the best cannabis products for their needs and wants.”

Location:  108 C Hilltop Village Center Dr, MO 63025
Hours: 9am – 9pm Tues-Sat, 11am – 7pm Sun/Mon

Website: Homestate Dispensary
Deals: Daily Deals for everyone and special deals for first time customers, veterans, medical patients & more!
“Great Dispensary!! Lindsay greeted me with a warm smile and asked if I needed any assistance. She was knowledge and helpful. Lindsay also gave me some great recommendations based on my needs. I truly appreciated her willingness to help and Lindsay’s genuine interest in making sure I had a great shopping experience. The layout of the store made it easy to navigate and find what I was looking for. I was very impressed with the overall atmosphere of the store.” – Andrew (Google review)

Nearby Munchies: Not a ton of options in this small town but lots of local fare, and some more touristy stuff over near Six Flags.

All Homestate Dispensary locations are open to eligible medical customers, as well as rec customers aged 21+

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