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Innovative Vaporizer Hardware Brand Powers the Core of Cannabis Industry Growth and Culture Preservation

In 2016, a vape hardware manufacturer named CCELL introduced the ceramic heating element to the vape cart market, an innovation that would go on to change the course of the global cannabis industry and restore craftsperson and consumer faith in this highly popular form of consumption.

In statistics compiled from California’s adult-use recreational cannabis market through March 2024, flower remains the most popular form of consumption accounting for 33.6% of all regulated sales in the state, but vape pens are not far behind at 26.8%. This trend translates to the national weed scene as well, where vaporizer pens represent 23.6% of the overall market share.

Just between 2018 and 2023, cannabis vape pen sales surged by 172% as innovations in vaporization led to safer, more reliable, and more varied delivery options. This giant leap forward in hardware capability and consumer confidence converged with an awakening about the importance of terpenes and the value of expertly extracted forms of flavorful hash.

While a lot of old heads clearly still prefer to light it on fire, cannabis consumers/dispensary customers ages 21-43 (ie. Gen Z and Millennials) are responsible for 62.8% of all regulated weed sales in the U.S., and that same group makes up 70.8% of all cannabis vape sales nationwide.

Long story short, if your VCR is still flashing 12:00 over and over – which means you still have a VCR – you probably don’t go to the local dispensary looking for live rosin or liquid diamond vape carts. However, that doesn’t change the fact that millions of curious new consumers and convenience-seeking, flavor-savoring seasoned hash heads have made cannabis vape pens their consumption method of choice.

The ability to package top shelf, terpy live resin or live rosin in a reliable, rechargeable, ergonomic, discreet delivery device that never leaks, never activates itself in your pocket or purse, but always provides that perfect pick-me-up, one sip at a time, has led to the best cannabis farmers and hash makers in the world adding their own branded vape carts and pens to their menus which has led directly to the spike in retail sales and popularity.

Delivering An Optimal Experience Is At The Core Of The Cannabis Community

By recognizing these trends, and their own impactful role in the rise in popularity of vaping hash, the team at CCELL has devoted substantial resources on outreach to farmers and hash makers (a focus on CRAFT), on developing hash-friendly and user-friendly designs (a focus on TECHNOLOGY), and on grassroots brand building by supporting community-driven events and cultural cornerstones across the country (a focus on COMMUNITY).

Every cannabis farmer cares for their crop and harvest with the hope that someone else will soon appreciate it and enjoy it. It is their CRAFT. It is, for most folks, the reason why they enter competitions like the Emerald Cup, to have their craft recognized by those in the know.

For the first time in the history of the event, this year the 20th Annual Emerald Cup will be providing its team of Vaporizer Cartridge Judges with the same CCELL vape battery TECHNOLOGY.

This thoughtful collaboration will standardize the judging in that category, blazing a trail for the best weed to win. By backing iconic cultural gatherings like the Emerald Cup, SF Hash Week, and more, CCELL is empowering the cannabis COMMUNITY.

This commitment to providing reliable hardware that can optimize one’s experience and potentially standardize a global marketplace is at the core of how a brand like CCELL is building a bridge between CRAFT, TECHNOLOGY, and COMMUNITY.

It has been said that your company’s “free pre-roll” is your business card. That said, the vape pen is quickly becoming the new pre-roll so brands that plan to stamp their name on these products rightfully want it to be a final product that accurately represents the flavor, effects, and overall quality of the harvest and hash that went into it. An end user can buy the highest-priced vape cart on the menu, but if they slap it on a janky battery or if the hash was filled into a poorly designed cartridge, everyone loses. The farmer, the hash maker, the retailer, and the consumer.

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Knowing that the number of “old school” cannabis connoisseurs is a finite and shrinking number, but that the number of new cannabis users grows every year, and knowing that the trends indicate that lots of those younger users want to vape their terps instead of burning them, award-winning and best-selling cannabis brands like Jetty Extracts and Nasha Hash have already hooked up with CCELL to deliver their own hard work and fresh terps to the people.

Offering industry-leading cartridges, batteries, pod systems, all-in-ones, and their exclusive EVOMAX ceramic heating tech, CCELL is proving that when it comes to toking on terpy hash, convenience does not have to compromise quality.

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