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Traveling The Cannabis Trail #6 – Root’d in the 510

For our next stop along The Cannabis Trail, we visit Root’d in the 510, a cultural hub in Oakland, California that exemplifies the spirit of community, education, and equity in cannabis.

By Brian Applegarth   @thecannabistrail

Destination: Root’d in the 510 – Oakland, CA

Honors: Cannabis Equity, Education, and Community

Storytelling: The story of Root’d and the social equity movement in Oakland

In the vibrant Temescal neighborhood of Oakland stands Root’d in the 510, a state-of-the-art dispensary and lounge space that serves as a beacon of education, equity, and community in the East Bay. Opened by Rickey McCullough in 2018, Root’d is a testament to the progress made possible by Oakland’s Cannabis License Equity Program, which aims to rectify the injustices suffered by those disproportionately impacted by the War on Drugs.

Rickey McCullough, an influential cultivator in Oakland’s cannabis scene for nearly two decades, envisioned Root’d as a community-centric space where education, activism, and the enjoyment of all things cannabis could intersect. The dispensary offers a wide selection of quality cannabis products and features some of the best cannabis consultants in the area. Root’d is committed to supporting local and BIPOC-owned brands, ensuring that the benefits of cannabis legalization are shared equitably.

Root’d in the 510 is more than just a dispensary; it’s a cultural landmark on The Cannabis Trail that honors the deep roots of cannabis activism, culture, and education in Oakland. The space is bright, welcoming and filled with beautiful plants and helpful product displays with colorful stickers to designate equity, women, LGBTQ+ or BIPOC owned brands. The helpful team of cannabis consultants can often be found out on the floor discussing various products with customers. 

Root’d regularly offers workshops and hosts events that focus on cannabis education, social justice, and community building in their adjacent consumption lounge. With Root’d, Rickey had a vision for a business that reached beyond the benefits of providing medicine to cannabis consumers. He wanted to manifest a hub for events, activities, and good times. He was aiming to create a cultural force for good, centered around the responsible sale and enjoyment of the cannabis plant he loved, and supported by an amazing team, that dream has taken root in Root’d.  

By hosting frequent events in their lounge space as it evolves, Root’d continues to foster community connections and celebrate the power of the cannabis plant and local arts. Root’d in the 510 is a place where the community can come together, learn, and grow.

Cultural Landmark Statement of Purpose 

May this Cultural Landmark remind us of the cannabis activism and human rights activism that is embedded in Oakland’s history.

May it uplift the spirit of continued equity, diversity, and social inclusion in community and in business, and remind us that the Equity cannabis licenses of today are an effort of restorative justice, righting the wrongs from the war-on-drugs era where communities of color were targeted and negatively impacted.

May it highlight the nexus of education, knowledge, and activism to drive forward positive change, and honor all Oakland cannabis pioneers and visionaries including Oaksterdam University, an academic cannabis institution that was born and thrived in Oakland, fueling equity efforts in cannabis legalization.

May it honor the Roots of Rootd in the 510 and the uplift the greater Oakland community and our cannabis heritage. May it be so.

Northern California is where the battle for legalized cannabis was waged. The Cannabis Trail honors the pioneers, places, and significant historical moments that paved the way for the legal cannabis access we have today.  The Cannabis Trail is an immersive travel adventure for cannabis enthusiasts,  history buffs, and culture seekers seeking an extraordinary California experience. –  https://thecannabistrail.com

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