Benzinga Market Spotlight: California Cannabis

In the constantly evolving mosaic of the cannabis industry, staying ahead of the curve is not just an option; it’s a necessity. From the far reaches of cultivators’ fields to the boardrooms of multinational corporations, every segment of the, dare we say, budding sector is laser-focused on what’s next.

Benzinga, one of the leaders in market insights and financial services, isn’t merely keeping pace; it’s setting new benchmarks with the inception of its localized event series, Cannabis Market Spotlight.

The Break into Regional Events

What’s captivating the attention of industry insiders and enthusiasts alike is Benzinga’s strategic expansion into regional markets with a series that promises to illuminate the unique dynamics of the cannabis landscape in each location.

The goal is clear: to bring the signature Benzinga blend of national insights and local connections directly to the professionals shaping the industry at a grassroots level. A press release had recently hit the wire, signaling the beginning of this exciting venture with the announcement of the inaugural “Cannabis Market Spotlight” event in Southern California.

Industry leaders and forward-thinkers are coming together at Bioscience LA in Culver City on February 22nd, right in the heart of LA. This event marks the beginning of an exciting journey that will bring similar gatherings to the cannabis community nationwide in 2024.

The Who’s Who of Cannabis

How does this expansion translate for the professionals of the cannabis realm? It’s an unrivaled opportunity to engage with luminaries and authorities within the field. This California leg of the series has pulled together a panel of speakers that reads like the Who’s Who of the industry.

Expect to sit in on conversations led by Elliot Lane, host of the Benzinga Cannabis Podcast, and feature speakers such as Seth Yakatan of Katan Associates, Tiffany Chin of Doggy Style Records and Leafs By Snoop, Bill Levers of Beard Bros Pharms will be on a panel moderated by Wesly Hein from Mammoth Distribution, including Elliot Lewis from Catalyst Cannabis Co and Anthony Alegrete from 40 Tons with many more speakers! They also have a medley of execs and investors from established names like Cann, Garden Society, Old Pal, Mindset Capital, Poseidon Investment Management, and Ultranative.

“Benzinga is well-known in the cannabis industry for bridging finance and consumer goods at our bi-annual Cannabis Capital Conferences, seeing 5000+ registrants across our two annual conferences,” said Lane. “As we gear up for our 18th national event this April, Benzinga is expanding our platform of media, thought leadership, and networking to some of the hottest markets in the country, starting with California.”

Building Connections: More Than Just a Spotlight

Moreover, Benzinga isn’t content with merely disseminating information; they’re fostering an environment where deals are discussed and done. The Los Angeles event is constructed as a platform where professionals will connect and engage and forge meaningful relationships that will ripple through the industry.

In the spirit of inclusive growth, the organizers have not overlooked the social equity aspect that has been instrumental in shaping the cannabis narrative. The conference is taking a proactive stance by providing discounted tickets for business owners bestowed state-recognized certification for their social equity initiatives.

Ticket prices will increase as the date of the conference approaches. Benzinga provides discounted tickets for the conference to cannabis business owners who have obtained state certification for their social equity initiatives. Attendees can purchase tickets here. For sponsorship opportunities, apply here.

Ready to Conquer the Golden State

With California’s projected market value of $5.4 billion by 2030 painting a compelling backdrop, the Benzinga Cannabis Market Spotlight is a timely addition to the industry’s narrative. California, the iconic “Golden State,” takes a beacon role in this narrative, and those attending on the 22nd can expect a platform where the best strategies to navigate one of the most challenging markets will be on offer.

“For the cannabis industry, California truly is the Golden State,” said Javier Hasse, head of content at Benzinga. “Our conferences are where deals get done, and industry professionals connect, engage, and forge meaningful relationships. The time is right to bring our content, partners, and network to a market like California that’s shaping the global cannabis narrative.”

In anticipation of an event poised not just to highlight market dynamics but to influence and inspire action, the invitation couldn’t be clearer—this isn’t just a conference but a movement. Will the West Coast set off a ripple that disrupts the stereotypical business landscape in cannabis?

With Benzinga’s endeavors and industry leaders’ acumen, the odds are high. The Benzinga expansion into regional markets is not just an event. It’s a commitment to furthering a vision, creating connections, and crafting the future of cannabis, market by market.

About Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference

Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference is the world’s largest and most successful cannabis investing and finance event. The event attracts representation from more than 80% of the cannabis industry’s market capitalization in one place. Benzinga provides attendees exclusive opportunities for curated networking and unparalleled access to private deal flow. For more information, visit

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