CBD and CBG Helpful in Treating Brain Tumors According to Studies

An aggressive brain tumor known as glioblastoma may benefit from Tumors, according to studies just completed by MGC Pharmaceuticals MXC, a publicly-traded cannabis company that specializes in phytomedicine development. According to  CityA.M, the findings were positive.

The three-year in-vitro trial produced excellent results, according to the MGC.

In a study published in December by researchers at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University, inhaling CBD was shown to reduce the size of glioblastoma tumours in an animal model as well.

MGC Pharmaceuticals MXC Study

MGC’s study initially looked at how cannabinoids like CBD could be used to treat malignant tumours. It analyzed 30 biopsy samples from 18 patients at the National Institute of Biology in Slovenia. In total, researchers performed more than 5,800 cell tests.  MGC also investigated THC before switching to cannabigerol, or CBG, which has no known psychoactive effects.

According to BusinessCann, the findings demonstrated the effectiveness of cannabis in treating glioblastoma and the most effective ratio of CBD:CBG in limiting the tumor’s vitality, creating a chain of biological events that led to the death of glioblastoma and stem cells. This is significant because the disease’s progression is mostly caused by glioblastoma stem cells, which are also resistant to conventional therapies.

“The results of this trial are enormously exciting both for the company and for the treatment of fatal cancerous tumors,” said Roby Zomer, co-founder and managing director at MGC Pharmaceuticals. “MGC Pharma’s research has demonstrated the effect of naturally derived cannabinoid products on stage IV brain tumors without the use of toxic chemotherapy components. We are proud of the work achieved thus far and look forward to advancing our proprietary formulation to the next stage of clinical trials.”

CBD and CBG medicbd

The Medical College Of Georgia At Augusta University Study

The December study conducted by researchers at the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University showed that inhaling CBD reduced the size of glioblastoma tumors in an animal model.

According to the study, inhaled CBD shrinks glioblastoma by lessening the vital support provided by its microenvironment. Researchers used the inhalation method to ensure that the cannabis plant ingredient reached the brain.

“We saw a significant reduction in the size of the tumor, and its microenvironment was different,” after only seven days of treatment, said immunologist and associate dean for research Dr. Babak Baban.

After eight days, the mice’s aggressive brain tumour started developing, and researchers began administering either CBD or a placebo the next day. The scientists found that CBD changed the ecosystem of the tumor or the glioblastoma’s favorable tumor microenvironment and brought back levels of inflammation that attacked the tumor.

After eight days, the mice’s aggressive brain tumour started developing, and the next day researchers began administering either CBD or a placebo. They found that CBD restored inflammation levels to their pre-tumor state, attacking the glioblastoma and restoring immune balance.

This, according to Baban, is key. The human immune system regularly fights malignant or precancerous cells, he explains, but once a tumour has taken hold, it takes over. This indicates that the tumor intensifies the chronic inflammatory state, which ultimately serves to protect it from the immune system. When CBD reduces inflammation, the immune system can do its job and attack the malignant tumor, reducing its size and potency.

Pharmaceuticals MXC

Although further research is required, these findings are a terrific place to start because they give the 250,000 or so people suffering from this debilitating ailment hope and encouragement. The global effort to research the efficacy of cannabis-derived medicine is an exciting movement, and if CBD and CBG are demonstrably effective at reducing inflammation and destroying malignant tumors, it’s only a matter of time before the full spectrum of benefits are discovered.

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