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Consumption Lounges Finally Come to Nevada, And Vegas is Ready

consumption lounges finally nevada vegas

It’s been a long time coming, but cannabis consumption lounges are finally coming to Sin City.

Now that Nevada has legalized recreational marijuana as well, it’s time for Vegas to get its own cannabis lounge scene going.

This is great news for anyone who loves Vegas and loves weed! The people who visit a lounge on a trip to Vegas and have a positive experience they take home with them to share with family and friends will be huge towards public consumption becoming the law, not the exception.

The Law And The Future Of Consumption Lounges In Vegas

A new law in Nevada allows lounges to begin operating statewide as early as the end of 2022 and is expected to bring a new type of tourism to the state. With the passing of the new consumption lounge law, Las Vegas is one step closer to becoming a destination for marijuana enthusiasts.

The Nevada Legislature has passed a law that allows lounges to begin operating statewide soon. The state will process applications for 40-45 licenses for lounges attached to existing marijuana retail stores and 20 for stand-alone establishments.

“Cannabis tourism is massive,” said Christopher LaPorte, founder of cannabis hospitality company Reset Vegas. “We can really envision a cannabis tourism destination spot.”

These businesses will be attempting to capitalize on the untested market by providing an alternative option for those who want to consume cannabis but don’t want the typical nightclub atmosphere of the Strip.

One way consumption lounges want to accomplish this is by focusing on creating a comfortable, calm space for their customers. By providing a place where people can feel at ease and relax with friends, these businesses will be able to provide an alternative experience to what is currently available.

Another strategy consumption lounge hopefuls will soon implement is the conversion of an existing restaurant into one that allows customers to infuse their own food with cannabis products. This allows for more customization than may be found in other consumption lounges and provides multiple options for customers.

The Law Future Consumption Lounges Vegas

Nightclubs vs Consumption Lounges

The nightlife scene in Las Vegas is a unique one. There’s no denying it: the combination of nightclubs and consumption lounges is unique to Las Vegas, and it’s what makes Sin City such a popular destination for young people looking to have an unforgettable time.

But the question remains: should these two types of establishments be allowed to mix? Some business owners want to combine their businesses so they can cater to a wider range of customers, while others want to keep them separate because they believe mixing them will dilute the experience.

In Nevada, the current law prohibits cannabis and alcohol from being sold in the same establishment. But some dispensaries like Planet 13 are skirting this rule by separating their retail spaces into two distinct parts of the store: one for cannabis and one for alcohol.

In order to follow the letter of the law, Planet 13’s cannabis section is completely separate from its alcohol section—they even operate under different licenses. “In the same building we will have consumption lounges, a cannabis museum, smoking lounges, a club – everything under one roof,” says Planet 13 co-CEO, Larry Scheffler.

Some cannabis companies are hesitant to follow the Planet 13 model. “I don’t think the same user goes to a nightclub as they do a consumption lounge, so we’ll definitely go with more of a curated food and beverage program, and just have just a really cool, clean kind of environment for people to hang out and consume their cannabis,” Thrive CEO and Managing Partner Mitch Britten said

Nightclubs Consumption Lounges

The fact cannabis lounges are now legal in Las Vegas is an exciting development in the city’s tourism scene. It will be interesting to see how different businesses react to this new law and what kind of effect it has on the Vegas strip and the nightclub scene.

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