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How HIBEGONE is Making Cannabis Consumption More Manageable For New Users and Seasoned Heads Alike

Positioned on the leading edge of cannabinoid innovation, HIBEGONE is an all-natural, hemp-derived, federally green-lit supplement that says it can mitigate or even eliminate the “high” induced from the overconsumption of cannabis in 15 minutes or less. That is quite a claim, so we sat down with the crew at Hibegone to get the lowdown on getting less high.

Why, oh why, would anyone want to get less high, you may be asking. Well, my sweet summer child, just wait for the day when you, too, learn the hard lesson that there is, in fact, such a thing as too much of a good thing especially when it comes to cannabis.

Until recently, the best “cure” for overdoing it with weed has been a combination of:

  • Get laughed at by friends
  • Sleep it off

Sure, there have been products over the years – ranging from weird Spice-like satchels of chemically altered potpourri to the CBD craze from a few years back – that say they can curtail the unwanted effects of cannabis, but none of them got to the root of the issue, the endocannabinoid system that is found in all of us.

This is where HIBEGONE stands out from the rest. The science behind their game-changing THCV-fueled two-ounce liquid boost shots is about to level-up our collective understanding of concepts like tolerance regulation and optimizing cannabis consumption as part of an overall wellness routine.

Want to know more? Let’s get low.


THCV – aka tetrahydrocannabivarin – is a cannabinoid typically only found in trace amounts in cannabis but is one that continues to offer more therapeutic potential the more we delve into it.

Some beloved cannabis cultivars like the old school landrace Durban Poison or the award-winning Pink Boost Goddess from Emerald Spirit Botanicals are revered for their elevated levels of THCV which undoubtedly adds to their unique entourage effects, but again, the total amount of THCV present in such buds is far, far outweighed by the rest of the spectrum of cannabinoids, namely THC itself.

When isolated, extracted, and concentrated, however, THCV shows its true potential as a powerful counterbalance to the occasionally overpowering effects that THC can have on consumers.

When you consume cannabis, the THC molecules that you take in naturally bind to the multitude of CB1 receptors that serve as a vital network in our bodies’ endocannabinoid system. Those bonds are tight and this is where the tell-tale “high” takes root.

THCV, though, when consumed in a concentrated form, acts as an inverse agonist on those same CB1 receptors, breaking the bond with the THC molecules and taking their place.

The resulting effects of this microscopic eviction are many.

Of course, without the bond between CB1 receptors and THC molecules, you’re just not getting high, period. And, if you already were high, that won’t last much longer – hence the HIBEGONE promise to help you get your head right in 15 minutes or less.

Beyond that, though, THCV has been proven to provide a multitude of wellness benefits such as appetite suppression, cognitive enhancement, and even an ability to regulate blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.

Though HIBEGONE might not be marketing their product as such, it can absolutely be used as an all-natural, effective, and side-effect-free dietary/weight-loss supplement and/or brain booster.
In fact, the product was born out of an effort to create the ultimate combination of a diet and pre-workout supplement – it just so happens to be all that and then some.

“What got me into the cannabis industry was seeing all of the different cannabinoids being talked about and realizing that they’re all different keys that open locks in the body to specific ailments.” – Troy Anderlohr, Co-Founder HIBEGONE


The minds behind HIBEGONE do not want their product to be viewed or reserved as some ‘last resort’ for weed rookies. They don’t vilify getting high, or take shots at THC. Instead, they point out the growing number of effective ways to utilize their product in order to get the best full spectrum experience possible.

How many times, for example, have you munched on an edible before bed hoping to drift right off to sleep only to be kept awake by the weed-induced paranoia packed into that innocent-looking gummy? You can admit it! It happens to all of us. A quick, tasty 2oz shot of Hibegone can almost instantly ease that anxiety.

Or, perhaps you did zonk right out after that gummy but the next morning you are pasted to your pillow with cottonmouth unable to move as the effects of the THC still course through your system. Once again, a bottle of HIBEGONE will have you up and at ‘em, ready to conquer whatever the day brings your way.

HIBEGONE can also serve as a reliable form of tolerance regulation. If you blaze like the Beard Bros blaze, odds are high that your tolerance level is through the roof. For our entire lives, the ‘solution’ was to quit consuming cannabis for ‘a while’ to unsaturate your system. Screw that! Just shuffle the endocannabinoid deck once in a while with some HIBEGONE and suddenly terms like ‘high school high’ and ‘one hitter quitter’ will come back into your consumption routine.

As past Emerald Cup Judges, Beard Bros founders Bill and Jeff Levers could have used a stash of Hibegone to help them evaluate hundreds of high-powered entries!

The fact is, even people who do not ever consume cannabis or THC can enjoy many of the same health benefits of THCV-rich Hibegone.


The passage of the 2018 Farm Bill will forever be remembered as the rebirth of the American hemp industry as well as Uncle Sam’s first attempt at regulating cannabinoids instead of just outlawing them.

In the wake of that legislation, CBD and Delta-8 THC quickly rose to prominence but THCV remained relatively low-key due in large part to its scarcity in cannabis and hemp genetics.

CBDV, however, was soon found to be an abundant byproduct of hemp harvests nationwide. Through an innovative conversion and extraction process, the brains at HIBEGONE are ultimately able to process Grade-A Colorado-grown hemp into a nano-emulsified form of incredibly potent THCV.

HIBEGONE soft launched this summer and is shipping to gas stations, convenience stores, dispensaries, and direct to consumers in 49 states (sorry, Alabama!).

Some states, like California, have ridiculously out of touch cannabis regulations that will not allow a product like this into a cannabis dispensary because it is hemp derived. The perfect point-of-sale product for any pot shop but Cali can’t see the forest for the trees when it comes to weed.

HIBEGONE plans to produce a truly cannabis-derived option for scenarios like this. A ready-to-mix powdered version of Hibegone is making its way to the market and they also have a canine version of their product in the works with the same safe THCV in a doggo-friendly delivery system.

This is a product that over delivers on its promises. I’ll be stocking up my own stash and highly recommending it to friends and family and here to you!

Visit https://www.hibegone.com/ to learn more and get yours.

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