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How Ostara Medical is Putting Quebec Cannabis on the Map

Through a branding and distribution deal in place with Mendo Medical, Beard Bros Pharms is proud to announce a fresh collaboration with one of Quebec’s coolest cultivators – Ostara Medical. Sharing a common blueprint of building successful family-owned and operated businesses from the ground up, this convergence of two of the most respected brands in North America is only natural.

Choosing who to work with can be one of the most consequential decisions that a cannabis brand can make. Merging your hard earned reputation with a third party that you have no control over can be a risky move, but it can be a rewarding one as well. Both Ostara Medical and Beard Bros Pharms are highly respected brands, each blazing our own trail in the global cannabis marketplace.

The team at Ostara Medical takes pride in the patience and pickiness required to hunt and find high-demand phenotypes of world-class genetics, and they know as well as anyone just how much time and effort such an endeavor can take. So when Bill and Jeff Levers of Beard Bros Pharms saw the stable of keepers at Ostara Medical, an idea sprouted.

Now, in a joint effort with the unrivaled Mendo Medical retail platform, Ostara Medical is providing a Beard Bros Pharms co-branded variation of their fan favorite phenotype of a Jungle Boys genetics release called Gas Cake. Touting close to 40% total cannabinoids on recent lab tests, this flavorful strain is now officially ‘Beard Bros Pharms Approved’ due to its full spectrum appeal.

Look for co-branded quantities of Mendo Select x Beard Bros Pharms Gas Cake cultivated by Ostara Medical on the Mendo Medical menu today!

“We have said it before and we will say it again – everything we love about cannabis and the culture at her roots starts with a seed and a willing farmer,” says Bill Levers of Beard Bros Pharms.”We have also been known to say God bless the phenohunters! Both of these core aspects of our ethos here at Beard Bros Pharms are authentically shared by the crew at Ostara Medical and we look forward to working with them to bring the best cannabis possible to consumers in Canada and beyond.”

How Ostara Medical Seeks And Selects Game Changing Genetics

With a truly state of the art indoor cultivation facility in Quebec, Canada, Ostara Medical currently keeps six exclusive cultivar selections in its rotation, each offering its own unique qualities that helped it make the cut.

With four flowering rooms currently in operation (and a fifth coming online soon), and each room pushing 50 LED lights, this might sound like a pretty big footprint. In fact, each room is double stacked – two tiered levels of cultivation with 25 lights for the plants down low and 25 more for the ones up above. They are running FloraFlex nutes into a coco soil medium and these condensed canopies allow the cultivation team at Ostara Medical to get much more intimate with each plant, leading to a final product that smells, tastes, and smokes like craft cannabis. The results rest in the fact that their harvests are instantly sold out with immediate demand for more.

For two years, Timmy Ouimet, Phillippe Ringuette, and their badass dads Serge and Denis tirelessly popped and grew out seeds previously acquired from some of the world’s most popular breeders, all in an attempt to secure a useful variety of in-house strains that each expressed a unique set of qualities.

Serge Ouimet holds the official title of Culture Manager at Ostara Medical, but don’t get it twisted, Serge brings Ostara decades of hands-on experience in cannabis cultivation. With encyclopedic knowldege and an ever-growing passion for the plant, his educated hunt for the next gamechanging strain is why Ostara Medical is known worldwide for flavorful and potent flowers.

“Self-made, no bad investors, family-operated, sustainable goals – we’re crafting a legacy that’s both meaningful and enduring. Our journey isn’t just about success; it’s about creating a lasting impact, one rooted in authenticity, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to our values,” says Serge’s son, Tim.

Please, next time you are puffing on some truly exceptional cannabis, consider the time and effort it takes for dedicated growers to hunt and test and perfect that unicorn for you. At Ostara Medical, they have six ‘unicorns’ and a lot of success so far. But, like all good growers, they’re always hunting for what’s next!

Their effort demands and deserves the full respect of any cannabis cultivator or connoisseur as the team literally laid out over six figures buying beans from your favorite breeders, then popped over 200 varieties in a massive hunt for the best of the best. That impressive effort and investment yielded just six totally unique phenotypes and strains.

Bazookas – Bred by Compound Genetics (Bubblegum Biscotti x Grape Gasoline), the lemony / gassy Ostara pheno is in high demand worldwide. Its recent reintroduction to the Mendo Medical retail platform in Canada saw the first batch sell out in just four days, then the second batch sell out in a FOMO-fueled 24 hours.

Grape Stank – Also from Compound (Garlic Groove X Grape Gasoline), this in-house favorite at Ostara reeks of grapes and gas and keeps everyone from the trimmers to the consumers giggling with delight.

Long Valley Legend – Bred by Dying Breed Seeds (Nubia x Fireball), Ostara’s LVL pheno touts a useful dominant cannabinoid ratio of 8% THC and 12% CBD. Consider grinding and rolling up one of these large, dense, skunky nugs before a dinner with in-laws… trust us, the Gas Cake will be better after dinner! 

Gas Cake – Bred by Jungle Boys (High Octane x Jungle Cake), it is no wonder why this homage to old school myrcene-heavy SoCal weed caught the attention of the Beard Bros and earned our affiliation. Mouthwateringly gassy kush flavors await… enjoy!

Life Hack – Bred by Glass House Farms (Wedding Crasher x Jet Fuel Gelato), this keeper pheno that Ostara uncovered might just be an actual life hack. Tap in to a medley of berries and cream with a high octane floral punch and delete stress and anxiety.

Dirty Taxi – Bred by Top Dawg Seeds (GMO x Chem I95), this is one of those rare skunky, funky sativas. The type of weed that makes you search everywhere for the sunglasses on your head or the keys in your hand. Looking for some get up and go? You found it.

It took two years, hundreds of seeds, and lots of losses but those six winners have put Ostara Medical on the map, not only in Canada, but across the globe.

Ostara Medical Is Exporting Top Shelf Cannabis Around The World

As the U.S. wastes years and years kicking the cannabis can down the road, our neighbors to the north are already slanging weed not only nationwide, but worldwide.

While Tim and Serge head up the cultivation side of Ostara Medical, Phil and his father, Denis, are in charge of the business side, including the arduous task of securing the permits needed to export dried cannabis flower overseas to eager markets like Australia, Germany, and the UK.

Initially, roughly 70% of their harvests stayed in the Canadian cannabis market, with about 30% being exported. Today, those figures have flipped to roughly 25% domestic sales and 75% exports.

That’s right, countless cannabis connoisseurs on other continents are puffing on fire indoor flowers from breeders like Compound and Jungle Boys, thanks to the work put in at Ostara Medical.

“In the cannabis industry, staying connected with our clientele is essential. It’s about more than just transactions; it’s about building trust and understanding,” says Phil. “By keeping communication channels open, we empower our customers to make informed choices and ensure their needs are met.”
To learn more about Ostara Medical, visit https://ostaramedical.com/en/

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