Adult-Use Marijuana Sales To Start in Connecticut on January 10th

The wait is finally over! The DCP has finally announced that hybrid cannabis retailers may begin selling their products to adults over the age of 21 on Tuesday, January 10, 2023.

It’s happening!

The wait is finally over. Next month, adult-use cannabis retailers will be able to start selling their products to adults over the age of 21.

This comes as a relief since just a few weeks ago, no one was really sure when sales in Connecticut would begin.

All four of the state’s cannabis manufacturers have successfully converted their growing and manufacturing spaces in order to meet the 250,000-square-foot growing facility requirements from the DCP.

When the market opens, sales will be limited to ¼ ounce of cannabis flower per transaction. These initial limitations are to ensure that businesses will be able to maintain the supply over time. After the probationary period, these limitations will be reviewed and changed based on market needs.

For now, different products may be purchased together up to a total of 1/4 ounce of cannabis flower or its equivalent per transaction.

Examples of what 1/4 of an ounce of cannabis flower or its equivalent might look like include:

  • Up to 7 pre-rolled cigarettes that weigh 1 gram each, or 14 pre-rolled cigarettes that weigh 0.5 grams each. Or any combination of up to 7 total grams, which equals 1/4 ounce.
  • Two to four vape cartridges, which come in .5 mL and 1 mL sizes.
  • Edibles vary by type and size. A standard-sized brownie or cookie can be the equivalent of .08 grams of cannabis flower. One edible serving cannot have more than 5 milligrams of THC.
  • A combination of different product types that collectively amount to no more than ¼ of an ounce.

Medical cannabis patients are recommended to purchase their medication before Janury 10, as long lines are to be expected during the opening of adult-use sales.

Medical cannabis patients

Where Can You Buy On January 10?

The following dispensaries have been notified that they successfully may begin selling on January 10, 2023:

What This Means For Connecticut

Adult-use cannabis is expected to bring in $50/$120 million in revenue during the first year of sales. And that number is expected to grow yearly as the market ramps up.

Adult-use cannabis is also expected to create roughly 5,000 jobs across the state in 2023. Apart from the increase in revenue, the additional jobs will further bolster the state’s economy.

Having a legal recreational market for cannabis also means that users will have access to safe products and services without needing to turn to illicit markets for recreation and risking their health using laced products.

Along with the launch of adult-use cannabis in Connecticut, thousands of low-level cannabis convictions are set to be cleared next month. Residents who have picked up convictions will have their records completely erased and will be able to let their employers know that their records will be clean.

Full erasure is expected to be implemented during the second half of 2023.

What This Means For Connecticut

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