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Massachusetts Legislators Beat Deadline with Slew of Cannabis Measures 

Long-awaited cannabis measures give way for worker and consumer protection.

The legalization of cannabis has seen a rapid increase in the popularity of cannabis use for medical and recreational purposes and the adoption of new cannabis measures. This legalization has also caused a surge in cannabis outlets and facilities. 

This use of cannabis is bound to cause issues in conservative spaces such as the workplace, which may lead to the unfair treatment of employees. Consumers may also be disadvantaged as cannabis facilities may inflate recreational pot prices. The good news, however, is that cannabis measures have been passed to ensure these injustices do not occur. 

Cannabis Measures Put In Place For The Benefit Of Workers

Massachusetts lawmakers have been intent on changing the legal cannabis industry, which is embedded in rewriting their state marijuana laws in 2022. However, recently their focus has been more on workers and consumers. 

Gone are the days when workers had to fear getting fired due to flunking THC tests. These measures have resulted in the proposal to ban employers from firing workers if they do not pass THC tests. 

Since the cannabis industry is legalized and its facilities are recognized as legitimate businesses, it must follow all rules and procedures used by other industries, such as the protection of workers. This means that workers must be allowed to be unionized. 

 As a result, cannabis measures in New England have facilitated the requirement that marijuana outlets and processing plants regulated by the state Cannabis Control Commission must sign “labor peace contracts.” By signing these contracts, employers would bind themselves to not interfering with the workers union affairs, provided that the employees promise they won’t strike. 

Cannabis Measures Put In Place For The Benefit Of Workers

The Benefit Of Consumers

With the increasing demand for cannabis, producers and retail shops will likely inflate prices to maximize profits. In a measure signed by Governor Charlie Baker, a massive decrease in unjustified municipal fees charged to marijuana operations has been implemented. This would mean that outlets would not have to increase their prices anymore due to these fees. Thus, customers would purchase their goods at a lower price. 

The state has also promoted the growth of this industry as it has made provisions to create a loan fund using recreational marijuana tax revenue to facilitate the creation of cannabis cafe pilot programs. This will give customers a safe place to enjoy their pot in the company of like-minded individuals! 

Also, for those consumers who enjoyed green way before it became legal, cannabis measures have made it easier to erase old marijuana-related criminal charges. 

The Benefit Of Consumers

Medical Marijuana And Potential Concerns

Although these highly anticipated changes seemed like a step in the right direction, the governor expressed some concern regarding medical marijuana consumption on school grounds. In this regard, parents must obtain recommendations from a minimum of two doctors should they wish to give a minor medical marijuana. 

The doctors who treat these patients have stated that nearly all suffer from seizure disorders and severe anxiety. Thus oral preparations of this non-impairing medical marijuana help them a great deal. 

Furthermore, when it comes to such illnesses, there has been a rising discussion about the therapeutic effects that psychedelics have on curing them. This has resulted in many states, specifically in North America, revising their legal framework to potentially make way for the decriminalization of psychedelics to treat certain illnesses. While some states are looking to relax their laws in terms of medical psychedelic use, states such as Oregon are going all the way and pushing for state-wide legalization of specific psychedelics. 

A Progressive Time 

Only time will tell how far the relaxation of cannabis laws will go. States must continually review their legal frameworks to make way for new potential cannabis measures. Even though some might say that the decriminalization of psychedelics may be too progressive, it’s vital to remember that many had the same view regarding cannabis. So we’ll just have to wait and see!

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