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Nearly Two-Thirds of Americans Favor Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

According to news reports, a recent Data for Progress survey reported that two-thirds of US citizens favored the legalization of adult-use cannabis. This percentage, which now stands at 65%, has continued to climb. It is hoped that a tipping point will be reached soon where 100% is attained, and all politicians will begin backing legalization initiatives.

For Or Against The Legalization Of Adult-Use Marijuana

Currently, 75% of Democrats and 67% of third-party or independent voters are in favor of adult-use cannabis legalization, with 52% of Republicans in favor as well. A total of 20% of Democrats, 27% of independents, and 45% of Republicans were against this legalization. 

The majority support, totaling 57%, supported the enactment of social equity measures if adult-use cannabis was to be federally legalized.  

For Or Against The Legalization Of Adult-Use Marijuana

The Social Equity Measures Explained

According to news reports, one policy measure mandates that underrepresented groups and individuals from the communities, which were impacted by the enforcement of cannabis prohibition, will have first dibs on the 100 to 200 licenses given out to open recreational marijuana dispensaries. 

This policy measure was backed by 69% of Democrats and 59% of independent and third-party voters. Only 43% of Republicans were for this policy. 

Another policy measure, which saw the diversion of cannabis-related revenues to a community grant fund, garnered the support of 76% of Democrats, 70% of independents, and 51% of Republicans.  

In time, we hope that all politicians from all political standpoints will support legalization initiatives and social equity measures. 

Cannabis Legalization

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