Network Trade Show Debuts In Los Angeles

While most business-to-business trade shows start out with the best intentions, they invariably veer off course and become hype fests, sample grabs, or they dilute the value of the experience by allowing anyone and everyone to attend. The same is true in cannabis, they forget that the main point for the shows is very simple…for brands and retailers to NETWORK and engage in new business.

The Network Cannabis Trade Show is looking to change that narrative, hosting its first-ever license to license only cannabis trade show on April 5th and 6th, 2023. Being held in Los Angeles, the show is expected to change the way the industry operates, offering a unique opportunity for buyers and budtenders to connect with the top 100 leading brands in the industry.

The Network Trade Show is a private event, free for only California licensed dispensaries, operators, and delivery services, public attendance will not be allowed.

“The newest and first cannabis licensed OG trade show to hit the LA streets, Network Trade Show!”

“Put on by legacy operators and cannabis business owners in the space who have had an impact in California cannabis for nearly 20 years or more” according to Network co-founder Shea Ryan.

The two-day event promises to be a game-changer for the industry, bringing together leading brands and businesses in a single platform to showcase their products and services. It will provide a unique opportunity for businesses to network, explore new opportunities, and gain a competitive edge in the market.

“This is the first licensed trade show in Los Angeles in cannabis HISTORY! No one has ever been able to do this because of the difficulties of obtaining licensing and permits, but Nam was determined to make it happen and he did!” added Network co-founder, CEO of Nothing But Fire, and the show’s main hype man, Mikey Kush.

“This year’s show is officially SOLD OUT for brands and there’s a waiting list! Sign up now for next year!”

The event is expected to attract a large number of industry operators with over 500 dispensaries and delivery services to attend. The guest list is expertly curated to include only dispensary owners, buyers, budtenders, and brand reps.

“Being an owner of a small family-run distribution and talking with our friends in the industry, we noticed the industry needed a trade show that has the sole purpose of connecting and building on the brand and dispensary partnership” said Nam Tran, Network’s co-founder.

“During the development of Network, we really wanted to make sure the show is open to only licensed cannabis operators, creating a platform for businesses to connect and build without distractions”

Brands will have special wholesale deals available only at the show in advance of 4/20, allowing buyers to stock up on their favorite new products a few weeks ahead of the high holiday.

Buyers and budtenders will be able to grab samples from their favorite brands and hit the outdoor on-site consumption area to test out the offerings.

It’s the best of both worlds, a professional indoor setting to handle business with an outside area to celebrate the wins together.

Think of it as getting out the office for a day full of the best kind of R&D.

“It’s a truly special event because it’s not your typical pay-to-play, sell booth space type of event. We vet everyone that’s coming in and attending to make sure we only include movers and shakers of our industry,” said Ryan.

“We need to protect the legacy operators that paved the road for this industry to be where it is, and that is what the Network Trade Show is about, quality vendors and brands doing “chad free” business directly with each other.”

Network Trade Show

Shea, Nam, Mike, and the rest of the team are bringing proven experience from other industries into the cannabis show arena and creating something truly special from the ground up.

“Network Trade Show brings real value to brands in the space, similar to how ASR and Agenda used to be in my previous career building brands in the action sports arena.”

Don’t forget to stick around after the event for The Highest afterparty!

Featured partner brands include Originals, Kush Co, Pistil Whip, Top Shelf, West Coast Cure, Cali X, Big Chief, Frozen, Lumpys, Panacea, Wonderbrett, Royal Blunts, Dime, Herbivore, Genuine, Moods, and many more.

To learn more about the event or to register, please visit the official website at

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