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Germany Gets Favorable Response From EU To Move Forward On Marijuana Legalization

Positive news within the European political scene as Germany’s coalition government leads the charge for marijuana legalization with plans to introduce a revised marijuana legalization bill. This follows great feedback and approval from the European Union (EU), who gave the sign-off and confirmed that the legislation did not violate international obligations.

Plans Are Set, But Changes Might Be Afoot

The revised legalization proposal will be brought to the legislature soon now that Germany’s Federal Cabinet has approved the initial framework for a legalization measure and the EU approved the reform. However, points noted in the plan might see changes and amendments, which have not been made known for now. What is known is the changes will take into account European regulations.

In the initial plan, Germany’s coalition government aims to comply with European legislation and maintain the country’s objectives of reducing crime and making cannabis use safe for all. 

The proposal, a 12-page framework, would see adults 18 and older allowed to purchase and possess 20-30 grams of marijuana. This marijuana would be purchased at federally licensed stores and identified pharmacies. The proposal, or plan, would allow individuals 18 and older to grow three plants, strictly for personal use. These plants would have to be properly enclosed to prevent youth from gaining access.

The plan would also see the suspension and close upon implementation of ongoing criminal proceedings related to offenses made legal under the reform. 

Another outcome of the plan would see marijuana subjected to the country’s sales tax, with an additional “special consumption tax” implemented. 

Plans Are Set, But Changes Might Be Afoot

While This Plan Is In Place, A Separate Bill Is Set for A Public Hearing 

German lawmakers will see a separate marijuana legalization bill, which aims to expedite the end of prohibition, and it will also receive a public hearing which will involve the Bundestag Health Committee. 

However, the alternative proposal is expected to be rejected or delayed, with those involved wanting to wait to see what the government puts forward first.

The EU Backs Up Legalization, But Does The United Nations?

Despite the EU supporting the legalization of marijuana in Germany, the United Nations (UN) has once again reminded parties that member nations are not allowed to go beyond medical cannabis. The UN also stated that member nations could not decriminalize under the 1961 treaty. Germany and the United States are party members of this treaty. While this may come as a push-back, Germany is still moving ahead with high hopes.

Adding to this push-back, the UN’s International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) took this hindrance further by stating that the U.S. federal government declining to enforce prohibition at the state-level are seen as blatantly violating the treaty mentioned above. The UN stated that the federalist system does not excuse the country from its treaty obligations.

Regardless of obstacles, German officials, and the country as a whole, will continue moving one step ahead of the other. 

One Of Many Steps Taken By German Officials

The planned proposal comes after months of negotiations and reviews within the coalition government. Before this proposal, German officials kicked off a series of hearings to help inform legislation to end prohibition in the country and drastically change the approach to marijuana legalization. 

Before this, German officials met with representatives from Luxembourg, Malta, and the Netherlands to discuss current challenges and future plans for recreational marijuana legalization. 

So far, Germany has seen an agreement to end cannabis prohibition and the enacting of regulations relating to the legal industry. With the majority of support for legalization in European countries, including Germany, and with this new proposed plan being the next step forward, positive outcomes are hoped for. Should approval be granted for the proposal, it is further expected that more countries will follow in Germany and its footsteps.

More updates to follow as more news is published on this matter.

One Of Many Steps Taken By German Officials

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