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Phoenician Grinders Makes the Best Weed Grinder We Have Ever Used

Beard Bros Pharms Beard Bros Media Phoenician Grinders Best Weed Grinder

Beard Bros Pharms = World's Best Weed Grinder I’m a simple man. When I wake up in the morning, there is nothing I like more than a fresh grind and roast, and, no I’m not talking about coffee… I don’t touch the stuff. I’m talking about the best weed grinder I have ever used and some of the best weed I have ever smoked. Thanks to Phoenician Grinders, the best way to start my day is just a few twists away.

If you use a weed grinder as a part of your daily routine, you likely have one that you have learned to love. That’s cool, but please consider the review below and the features described as an opportunity to step your grinder game up. Compiling the notes from the Beard Bros crew after nearly a year of everyday use, here’s what we really think of Phoenician Grinders.

Beard Bros Pharms - Beard Bros Media - Phoenician Grinders - Best Weed Grinder

World’s Best Weed Grinder vs. Just Another Weed Pulverizer

The common refrain some stoners fall back on is that herb grinders beat your weed up, smashing and smearing your precious trichomes and leaving you with a powdery pile of pot dust. In most cases, they’re right.

Some of the most popular brands like Santa Cruz Shredder or SLX have always left my weed lacking in flavor and effect but Phoenician Grinders have some key features that address this otherwise common problem.

Phoenician Grinder - Best Weed Grinder in the World 3

It begins with the quality of construction and that begins with the quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process.

All Phoenician Grinders are crafted using medical (and military) grade DFARS (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement) compliant 6061-T6 aluminum.

Though they come in a dope variety of colors and styles, the inner working surfaces of all Phoenician Grinders get their colors from an anti-corrosive anodization process that means you’ll always have a clean loading chamber with no chipping or flaking of paint into your buds.

Phoenician Grinders - Best Weed Grinder and Custom Weed Grinders Looking at our 4-piece Phoenician Grinder, we will refer to the top piece as the lid, the second piece as the loading chamber, the third section we’ll call the collection chamber, and then finally, the kief collection chamber at the bottom.

Like most good cannabis grinders, the lid of our Phoenician Grinder has a strong magnet in the center surrounded by sharp aluminum teeth, This is where the similarities end with most weed grinders on the market, however.

The top of the lid of our Large 4pc Phoenician Grinder has a small indented tray and a universal rolling paper holder/dispenser. This alone is a conversation starter at any high-level sesh and we haven’t even gotten inside yet.

The shearing teeth found on the inside of the lid and thoughtfully patterned throughout the loading chamber of this Phoenician just look different than other grinders we have used over the years. Longer, thinner, and damn sharp on the edges, they look like little Fiskar blades and sure enough, they deliver a sliced, scissored finish instead of the pulverized pot others provide.

This gently-ground effect is aided by larger-than-average dropdown holes also proportionally placed across the floor of the loading chamber. This leaves more of the plant matter intact and more trichomes unmolested while still offering an ideal amount of surface area for optimal combustion be it via pipe (my favorite), bong, joint (Bill’s favorite), or blunt (Jeff’s favorite).

This is why your weed tastes like cardboard coming out of your new aged mortar and pestle device but tastes like it is supposed to when it comes out of a Phoenician Grinder.

The collection chamber below is floored by a laser cut, medical grade, 300-micron stainless steel screen that can be easily replaced. I have been rocking mine every day with some sticky icky weed and it still dumps kief but the heads in charge at Phoenician Grinders know that one size does not always fit all, so they offer replacement screens in different micron counts as well as full custom grinder kits that include replacement screens, rubber bumper rings, and more – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Phoenician Grinders - Beard Bros Pharms - Custom Weed Grinder - Kief Dump
We told you it DUMPS kief!

The mesh screen is suspended by a frame formed in a sacred geometric symbol and is held in place by a simple hexhead screw.

Some folks don’t like running their weed over a screen, preferring to keep as many trichomes on the bud itself. Converting your Phoenician Grinder from a 4-piece kief factory to a simple screenless 3-piece is as easy as removing the collection chamber/screen and catching everything at the bottom of the grinder.


The bottom – or kief collection – chamber is smooth and features a sloping beveled edge around the outer rim to make it easy to scoop or pinch every last bit of dank into your pipe or paper.

All four pieces of our Large Phoenician Grinder are held together not by screwlike threads, as is the case with nearly all of the best weed grinders on the market, but instead by an interlocking ‘notch’ system that serves multiple purposes.

Phoenician Grinder - Best Weed Grinder in the World 1

Phoenician Grinder - Best Weed Grinder in the World 4

Phoenician Grinder - Best Weed Grinder in the World 6

It doesn’t matter how hard you try to avoid it or how diligently you try to clean it, an herb grinder with standard threading always – ALWAYS – gets janky. Whether it’s resiny funk fouling the flow or a crossed thread hanging you up, a cannabis grinder has one job – GRIND. If it makes that job harder instead of easier, it ain’t the one!

This “Fast Lock” notch system from Phoenician, along with its ultra-smooth grind, combined with a knobby, ergonomic, and instantly recognizable outer design, is much more conducive for folks with a weakened grip or hand strength.

It also adds to the life of the grinder keeping you grinding weed instead of grinding metal on metal. Though, it is worth noting that Phoenician offers a limited LIFETIME warranty on parts like the locking notches, the grinder teeth, and the screen frame. 

Why Beard Bros Pharms Recommends Phoenician Grinders

Clearly, we like the product. 10/10, highly recommend, etc.

Phoenician Grinder - Best Weed Grinder in the World 5

But this review goes beyond that.

The leadership team at Phoenician comes from the same outlaw wild west days of weed that we do, and it shows in every aspect of their weed grinders – truly made by cannabis purists for cannabis purists.

As a woman-owned company in a very male-dominated space, the level of professionalism that they display at Phoenician is a breath of fresh air for anyone seeking any sort of customer service – from simple questions to queries about customization.

That’s right, you can order multi-color batches of 200 custom weed grinders with your logo or branding expertly etched into the lid. Perfect for events, high-class giveaways, customer or employee appreciation gifts, or anywhere that associating your brand with quality matters.

If you find Phoenician Grinders on the shelf at a smokeshop or head shop, they will likely be the highest-priced grinder in the store. Sort of like when you walk into a dispensary and ask for the absolute best weed or hash, it will come with the highest price tag, right?

You may have seen one or more of the dope features we outlined above on other grinders but Phoenician did it first and does it best, all in the last grinder you’ll ever need.

It’s always worth going top shelf, life’s too short for anything less. The world’s best weed grinder keeps the Beard Bros crew buzzin’, get your own Phoenician Grinder HERE today.


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  1. Dude. This company rocks. I love my grinder more than any other grinder Ive ever had. The service is amazing too.

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