Respect My Region: North American Weed Tour 2021 Connects Consumers to the Craft

After riding high for three years on the West Coast Weed Tour, Respect My Region launches the North American Weed Tour 2021 and they want to see what’s in your stash!


Beard Bros Pharms Emerald Cup Classification SystemWhich region has the best weed?

Simple question, right?

The debate between NorCal and SoCal has raged on for decades now, but what if we’re not just talking about California? The entire West Coast is known for producing some of the very best in the world but with cannabis reform cropping up from coast to coast, is the best weed still out west?

The internet age has made obtaining the knowledge, the resources, and the technology to grow great ganja accessible to everyone whether they are in Tulsa, Tahoe, or Tallahassee. So, now which region has the best weed?

Of course, everyone has an opinion or their own bias on the issue but the only way to know for sure is to pound the pavement in all these places seeking out not only the best of local cannabis but the best of local cannabis culture.

This is the mission of the Respect My Region North American Weed Tour (NAWT) 2021.

Respect My Region is an epicenter of cannabis, hip-hop, and street culture, always offering an authentic, grassroots view on all the above.

Thanks to the RMR marketing masterminds, the team’s West Coast Weed Tour spent the past three years scouring Cali, Oregon, and Washington with the same mission of finding and highlighting the brands and people that make those markets move.

This year, as the name implies, the North American Weed Tour 2021 will not only span the U.S. where 19 states have formed recreational adult-use cannabis marketplaces, but the RMR crew will hop the border into Canada as well where cannabis has been legal for adults since 2018.

So, pack your bags and pack a bowl, the show is already on the road!


Respect My Region - North American Weed Tour 2021The RMR North American Weed Tour 2021 will consist of over 80 podcasts, dozens of written reviews and brand spotlights, and countless hours of video content from cities and regions across the U.S. and even in some select areas in Canada.

The goal is twofold.

First, they want to connect with the best growers, manufacturers, retailers, and cultural gatekeepers as possible to hear and help tell their stories within the context of a larger conversation about where the cannabis community and industry intersect.

Second, they want to see what cannabis connoisseurs from coast to coast are puffing, vaping, and munching on to get their cannabinoid fix.

No, there is no official competition to hand plastic trophies to so-called winners. Instead, the NAWT2021 will serve as an impactful way for cannabis brands to reach consumers on a more personal level than they’ve been able to in the past year.

By putting faces, voices, and powerful discussions behind these brands, cannabis consumers can make more well-informed decisions about who they support with their purchases and where they choose to make those purchases.


In states like Washington, Oregon, and especially here in Cali, our roots run a bit deeper when it comes to creating and operating cannabis markets.

We have a long history full of heroes and villains to refer to and even though there are still plenty of suckers out there who won’t learn that history, our west coast cannabis communities can do a decent job of weeding out the hucksters, frauds, and charlatans – or at least pointing and laughing at them until more people catch on 😉

However, newer markets where quasilegal weed is more of a novel concept provide ample shadows for yet-to-be-discovered villains to thrive.

The same can be said for the loosely regulated CBD market which, in too many regions and for too many people, is the sole source for legal cannabinoid therapy. Way too much opportunity to rip people off! With so much BS CBD on the market, where can the average consumer find the best CBD products made by people they actually want to support?

This is where the deep dive that Respect My Region takes in every area that they visit proves to be so useful for both brands and consumers.

Brands get to tell their story in their own voice. If that story is wack, we’re all going to know! Here’s the deal though, the brands know that already, so wack brands stay far away from spotlights like the North American Weed Tour.

What’s left is the real ones.

By keeping it real, RMR ensures that they only bring worthwhile people and products to their audience. Once you spend half an hour or so listening to a grower, or a budtender, or a founder talk not only about themselves or their brand but about the topics that are moving the entire culture forward, you can decide if you vibe with them or not.

That vibe (or not) is such a critical part of cannabis culture. Always has been. Always needs to be.

RMR offers high-level marketing and management services, targeted advertising, custom content creation, influencer campaigns, event promotion, PR services, and content distribution and is currently seeking partners on all levels for the NAWT2021.

The North American Weed Tour 2021 is just getting warmed up and runs now through mid-December revving up consumer knowledge and curiosity at every stop along the way as RMR shines a light on the top products and people putting your region on the map.

If you want to reach out about your brand sponsoring the tour, email

Be sure to include “North American Weed Tour” in the subject line and tell them the Beard Bros sent ya!

Join the Tour with Respect My Region this fall across the entire U.S. and parts of Canada searching for the best of the best in legal cannabis.

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