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Product Review: Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Cartridge (4 Flavors!)

308099533 Shaman Sauce

Brand/Product: Shaman Extracts – Sham Sauce Cured Resin Cartridge
Dominant Cannabinoid: THC (≤.2g CBD per serving)
Contains: 1.0 gram full spectrum cured resin
Cartridge Style: Standard 510 Threading
Flavors Reviewed: Berry Bomb, Blue Banana, Lemon Drop, Orange Velvet 

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There are very few brands remaining in the regulated marketplace that we bothremember and respect from the good ol’ days, but Shaman Extracts is certainly one of them. You just can’t fake or finance so many years of hard-earned experience which is why Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Cartridges rise above an oversaturated vape cart marketplace here in California.

Shaman Extracts Guides You To the Good Stuff

I have been on this edibles kick, enjoying them with the significant other before bed once in a while when we came across some cannabis gummies from Shaman Extracts.

I immediately recognized the psychedelic label design and associated it with the high quality that the brand has always delivered making the purchase an easy decision.

This isn’t a gummy review, but I’m telling you that those Mango Chili Gummies were not only the best cannabis candy I have ever eaten but maybe the best candy… period.

It bears mentioning for a couple of reasons.

First, it is hard enough to bring one product to market in California’s overregulated industry. To do so at such a high level of quality and consistency with not only extracts and concentrates but with top-shelf edibles as well is impressive.

That leads to the larger point – brand recognition. If I know that Shaman Extracts always brings the heat with dabs and edibles, of course, I am going to seek out their Shaman Sauce vape carts when I am ready to re-up.

Pre-filled cannabis vaporizer cartridges are rapidly rising in popularity due mainly to their unrivaled convenience and ease of use.

I, too, use them when it is more convenient or discreet than smoking flower, for example, but I don’t find it at all convenient or discreet to get that hacking cough and scratchy throat that comes with a few rips off of most vape carts.

That’s probably the coolest part of the Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Cartridge package, the information that it gives me as an educated consumer, allowing me to make an informed decision.

The clues creatively woven throughout the packaging tell me exactly what is inside (and what is not) and encourage me to make the purchase with confidence that the product will deliver the experience I seek.

The Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Cartridge Delivers a Fistful of Flavor

The front of this box is a free lesson in informative branding and consumer education.

Starting at the top, we see that the product is called Shaman Sauce. Of course, the centered logo and branding trigger the savvy consumer’s brain to immediately, and correctly, think of Shaman Extracts.


The usage of the term ‘Sauce’, though, further conjures mental imagery of high-grade cannabis concentrates, as compared to the “hot dog water” and crude distillate descriptors attached to the majority of vape pens on the market.

Below the logo we see the term ‘Cured Resin Cartridge’ and that’s where I was hooked.

‘Live Resin’ refers to a cannabis concentrate that has been extracted from plants that were flash-frozen immediately after they were harvested, while the trichomes were still ‘live’. This stops the typical degradation that occurs to both cannabinoids and terpenes as buds dry and cure.

“Degrade” is a harsh word, though, as the change that some of these compounds undergo as cannabis cures have a profound impact on the flavor and effects of the finished product.

This is why we don’t smoke fresh frozen weed, right?

For most avid dabbers, though, Live Resin is preferred, and there is a Shaman Sauce Live Resin Cartridge available as well.

Cured cannabinoids are cool too though and a fully-aged full spectrum delivers a different experience. These Shaman Sauce carts tastefully capture that subtlety.

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Based on my engrained brand recognition and an authentic-feeling recommendation from my budtender based on how quickly they are selling out, I grabbed four different flavors of the Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Cartridges.

I have buds who love to vape their cannabis oil, but who don’t get by the dispensary as often as I do. So, I figured I’d take each one out on an adventure, keep the best two, and give the others to some homies. Here is what I grabbed and what I thought.

  • Berry Bomb – This one had the most muted flavor of the four that I got. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it literally comes down to preferred taste. All four had a similar dominant flavor that just reminded me of taking delicious dabs. With this Berry Bomb, that shared flavor was pretty much the flavor. Still dank, just nothing fancy.
  • Blue Banana – This one really piqued my interest as I could taste the advertised flavor(s) right off the first rip. If you have ever smoked a proper Banana OG, you know that incredibly unique terp profile that separates it from the rest. That is definitely present here but with a Haze-y, Blue Dream-y finish that made this a truly enjoyable form of consumption.
  • Lemon Drop – I am not a fan of citrusy terps in my weed… unless they are accompanied by straight fuel. That is exactly what this Lemon Drop delivers and that’s why this was my personal favorite of the four. The lemon terps are undeniable but like fresh-squeezed lemonade rather than a lemon candy.
  • Orange Velvet – When I say I am not a fan of citrus-leaning terpene profiles, Tangie immediately comes to mind. I appreciate it when it is grown properly, but it just doesn’t check the right boxes for me when it comes to flavor and effects. That said, the orange terps that come through on this one were balanced perfectly with the “delicious dab” flavor to make this much more enjoyable than I assumed it would be, and it ran in third place of the four I tried, just barely below the Blue Banana.

All four varieties delivered unique flavor profiles, as noted above, but a consistently heavy course of effects was experienced from them all.

I have done no less than 10,000 dabs in my life, but I don’t do it often anymore. Flower gets me where I need to be but when I can’t take it out on a family excursion, or a fishing trip, or anywhere that I need to get high on the downlow, a good vape cart has the potential to get me extra ripped.

Like, high-school-high.

That’s what happened every time I took these four Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Cartridges for a spin.

Very early one morning, sitting in a tiny boat in the middle of a lake, socked in by fog so thick I couldn’t see ten feet in any direction, and silently sipping on my Lemon Drop Shaman Sauce, I had what can only be described as a psychedelic experience.


The combination of various forms of overwhelming peace and quiet – from the glassy water, to my haptic vape pen, to the uninterested fish – induced a supernatural calm over me for nearly an hour.

Only the sunrise snapped me out of it.

For that reason, it remains my favorite of the four and it stayed in my stash along with Blue Banana, while two lucky friends got the Orange Velvet and the Berry Bomb.

The quality of the craftsmanship of the vape cart hardware itself is second to none. I could be mistaken, but It seems to be all metal and glass, with a generously wide mouthpiece for maximal air/vapor flow.

A thin film remained when I (sadly) got to what I felt was the “end” of my Lemon Drop cart. Maybe I could manipulate it into a puddle for a few more rips but by then I felt that I had absolutely gotten my money’s worth anyway.

The box also says “100% Pure Cannabis – No Additives/Distillate”.

These are crafted using only whole-plant, full-spectrum oil extracted from top-quality indoor cannabis. You (and your throat) will appreciate this with every smooth, flavorful, potent puff of clean cannabis vapor.

I don’t give my friends shitty vape carts and I wouldn’t do that to you, either. I can honestly and highly recommend Shaman Sauce Cured Resin Vaporizer Cartridges to anyone looking to support a legacy brand and consume a clean, potent product.

Look for them or ask for them in your favorite California dispensary.
Tell ‘em they’re Beard Bros Approved!


Hey, the back of the box ain’t too shabby, either! Look at the ingredients at the bottom.


You can follow Shaman Extracts on Instagram at @shamanextracts_

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