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New Study Shows Increase in Home Growers

study increase home growers

According to new research from New Frontier Data (NFD), home weed producers in the United States will generate more than 11 million pounds of dried cannabis flower this year. According to the estimate, Colorado generated 816,000 pounds in 2020, with legal sales totaling $2.2 billion.

The NFD polled 4,682 cannabis consumers and 1,250 non-cannabis consumers. It was discovered that “only one in three home growers report being the only ones to consume what they grow; nearly half (49%) say that they share with friends or family,” as stated by NFD senior research analyst, Noah Tomares.

With expertise, established producers are likely to grow more efficient and extend their operations. Which leaves plenty of room for home growers to advance in their techniques and processes.

Though there are many valid reasons for growing your own cannabis, and there is room for both home growers and larger producers to co-exist, but the latter is currently making it difficult for the former.

For Personal Use Only

It may not be a surprise to you to learn that cannabis home growers have increased in number over the past few years. In a study a few years ago, it was found that home growers have increased significantly over the past decade and century. Already back then, one in four households in the US were reported to have grown their own supply.

These growers are cultivating their own product for health, safety, and personal reasons. For those who are more health-minded, the home grower can control the quality of their cannabis with indoor growing systems. They can also grow their own strains to create different effects and medicate as they see fit. If you’re into consuming cannabis recreationally, however, being able to cultivate your own plants can give you an insight into what different strains will do for you and what kinds of benefits they provide.

Cannabis is a plant that has many purposes, from providing medicinal relief to aiding in personal consumption. Being able to grow your own seeds also means you get to control the quality of the product and avoid paying hefty taxes on store-bought cannabis.

MSO Pressure

The number of home growers has increased significantly in the past few years. This increase is not surprising given the pressure that multi-state operators (MSOs) are having on cannabis cultivators to sell out to them.

The MSOs are a group of large companies that have been buying up all the cannabis cultivation facilities in an effort to monopolize the industry.

As it stands now, these MSOs own over half of all cannabis cultivation facilities in America and have been increasing their market share by buying out smaller farms and businesses who don’t want to be left behind with no place for their crops after legalization comes into effect.

The MSOs are taking over the cannabis industry and forcing home growers to sell out. If you’re a small farmer or just starting out in this business, you have no chance of competing with these multi-state operators who have billions in capital behind them. You will be forced to sell your cannabis farm or be shut down by one of these large companies.

In conclusion, there are several personal health benefits to being a cannabis cultivator, but there is also the pressure to sell out to MSOs. This is causing many home growers to increase their numbers and use of their own gardens. With more people using this method of medicine production, studies show we will continue to see an increase in home growers until something changes within the industry.

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