Texas’ Close Proximity to New Mexico Drives Recreational Cannabis Boom

New Mexico has seen a dramatic surge in cannabis sales in the first year since it legalized adult-use cannabis. Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham announced that, since April 2022, the state had generated $300 million, more than twice the previous estimates of $125 million, in sales and issued around 2,000 licenses to cannabis businesses such as retailers, producers, micro-producers, and manufacturers.

This economic activity has boosted local communities across New Mexico while creating thousands of jobs for citizens.

The state is particularly well-positioned to benefit from its proximity to Texas; with legalization still pending in the more significant state and only 19,805 registered medicinal cannabis patients as of February 2021, many Texans are seeking legal cannabis products across the border. In addition, New Mexico recently allowed the opening of consumption lounges on the Texas border, which has also helped bolster the numbers from Texas.

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham has been a strong advocate of the cannabis industry, speaking out in favor of adult-use cannabis sales in the state.

She recently stated that “in just one year, hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity has been generated in communities across the state, the number of businesses continues to increase, and this new industry employs thousands of New Mexicans.”

New Mexico State Flag

It is clear that New Mexico’s location next to Texas has played a considerable role in its success as an adult-use cannabis market. The state’s regulations and enforcement of the industry have allowed customers to purchase quality products confidently, and businesses have been able to capitalize on increased sales across the border.

With continued support from Governor Lujan Grisham, New Mexico is poised to lead recreational cannabis sales for years to come.

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