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Cannabis Proves, Like Turtles, You Cannot Have Democracy All the Way Down

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Beard Bros Pharms Emerald Cup Classification SystemYo… what you know about turtles? You ever heard of the World Turtle? Nah… not the word turtle, the World Turtle! No? Ok take a hit of this and listen up. The Earth is actually flat, man. Not only that, it’s sittin’ on the back of a giant turtle! And that giant turtle…. is on the back of an even bigger turtle!! On and on it goes man! It’s just turtles all the way down!!!!!

Are you still reading this? Good. Clearly, we don’t believe that. Clearly, you can’t just have turtles all the way down, man.

Just like how, in our opinion, there is no such thing as democracy all the way down. It’s a myth and cannabis offers the perfect proof.

New Jersey is one of the latest states to pass laws establishing a taxed and regulated adult-use recreational cannabis marketplace, legalizing the possession and consumption of the plant for most people ages 21 and up.

We say ‘most’ because prisoners can’t have it. Cops can’t smoke it. You get the drift.


Cannabis legalization enjoyed an extremely high level of public support in New Jersey, making it a safe and lucrative decision for the state’s lawmakers.

As is the case here in California, however, local municipalities (cities and counties) were given the power to opt-out of allowing commercial cannabis activity within their jurisdiction… and boy are they flexing that power…

Even before the state has officially launched the newly approved recreational cannabis market, dozens of munis are slammin’ the ban hammer down, disallowing legal grows, manufacturing, retail, or all of the above.

The rush to re-prohibit cannabis stems from a provision in the new law that says municipalities only have until August 21st to “opt-out” of commercial cannabis. So, many munis are saying that their “ban” is more of a “pause” that can be lifted anytime after August 21st if they choose to.

Meanwhile, no plants will be growing to meet the demand that will exist if they ever do get on the right side of history.

To add insult to injury, the new state law does not allow for legal home grows.

So, theoretically, 60-70% of the adults in a community could be in favor of legalizing recreational adult-use cannabis. The state can follow that demand and enact such a law. Then a slim majority in some dusty old city council can override all of that and enact a ban leaving that 60-70% back at square one with no dispensaries and no right to grow their own.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy still has the nerve to tell the press recently, “Most importantly, [legalization] is allowing us to address enormous social and racial injustices that have existed for far too long.”

All the ingredients are in place to refuel whatever street market there in for cannabis in NJ as consumers will be unwilling or unable to drive across the county to buy overpriced legal weed.

These street deals, and the growers that supply them, will be low-hanging fruit for law enforcement to continue to pick on and history shows that people of color get picked on more than Caucasians.

What good is “social equity” when your city has banned legal cannabis? Or when the state tells you that you cannot even grow your own?

Imagine watching your community be decimated by the state’s failed war on drugs, and now you’re being told to pay them taxes on the plant while they are STILL locking people up. For way too many Americans, they don’t have to imagine it. They are witnessing it firsthand.

Is this supposed to be “legalization”?

Is this supposed to be “democracy”?

Ain’t no turtles all the way down, man…

One Response

  1. Free cannabis prisoners with as much tenacity as VP Kamala Harris & POTUS Joe Biden are doing to get #britneygriner out in Russia!

    ..Or maybe a little bit more, just do it!  

    We have limited legal cannabis by more than 70% since prop 64 and still there are more obstacles to get to market than there should be.

    In my opinion, San Diego County needs to proclaim an emergency order to mandate full prop 64 legalization and issue licenses; but also stand to right the injustices of the war on drugs 1) clemency now 2) make legal cannabis actually legal.. 3) establish actual social equity programs that support actual healing the wounds of human error via prohibitions.

    San Bernardino has collected more than $4.3 million in cannabis taxes the past year, and aside from the occasional false alarm and call to handle a collision or vandalism, officials say incidents associated with licensed commercial cannabis businesses have been virtually non-existent.

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