Utah Non-Profit Looking To Legalize Psilocybin For Therapeutic Uses

It’s that time, folks.

Utah has officially begun to move into a psychedelic revolution.

The Mormon Holy Land of Utah, aka New Jerusalem, aka the Coke Zero Capital of the USA, has recently launched a campaign to support the legalization of magic mushrooms.

Mushrooms For Mormons

In what can only be described as a progressive move from a state known for its conservatism and religious values, Utah Mushroom Therapy recently launched its campaign to legalize psilocybin mushrooms in the state. The group plans to lobby lawmakers in an effort to allow medical professionals in Utah to prescribe psilocybin mushrooms for patients who are suffering from anxiety or depression. 

This latest push towards normalization comes after a task force formed last year by Gov. Spencer Cox (R) to study the therapeutic effects of psilocybin on patients with end-of-life anxiety or depression. The bill, first introduced by Rep. Brady Brammer (R) in January, received nearly unanimous support in both chambers of the legislature, passing the House 68-1 and the Senate 23-1. The task force unanimously recommended decriminalizing possession of psilocybin for those who have been diagnosed with cancer or terminal illnesses. 

Utah Mushroom Therapy

Church And State 

Though definitely not official, Utah is a Mormon State. Mormons in Utah account for 67.70% of its population, and Utah’s legislature is 90% Mormon, so it is no surprise that the Church has greatly influenced popular culture and politics in the state. 

The Holy Land of the Church of Latter-Day Saints has a lot of weird laws and norms stemming back to Mormonism, including some of the strictest liquor laws in the nation. 

The consumption of caffeine or other mind-altering substances is strictly forbidden in the Church, so it’s surprising that mushrooms might be legalized, but exciting nonetheless.

Introducing The Divine Assembly

The psychedelic movement isn’t just medical or political —it’s also religious.

Many indigenous nations within the continental USA have used psychedelics for religious rituals for centuries, and they’re now experiencing religious discrimination thanks to puritanical anti-drug laws. The Mormon hegemony in Utah has also caused a lot of issues for the population, with non-Mormon Utah residents forced to interact with it daily.

It’s not much better in the Church, either. The Church of Latter Day Saints is an authoritarian cult whose presence has contributed to high numbers of teen suicides, racism in Utah, and rampant misogyny. As the Church begins to lose its hold on people, many seek assistance from psychedelics like psilocybin mushrooms and ayahuasca to help them deal with their faith crises.

The Mormon Church is bleeding members, and over 3,000 have joined the ranks of the Divine Assembly, a two-year-old church in Utah helping the population integrate into the world of psychedelics. 

Founded by ex-Mormons (and ex-Republicans), the Divine Assembly is a haven for former Mormons to explore Divine connections through psychedelics. After experiencing years of religious abuse and insanity, the people of Utah are aching for a spiritual renaissance, and they’re achieving that with psychedelics. 

The Pro-Psychedelic Movement

The pro-psychedelia movement is gaining strength as we speak.

It’s time to stop treating mushrooms like a crime and start treating them like medicine.

Psilocybin therapy is a natural way of building new neural pathways to support mental wellness by increasing positive outlooks and relieving emotional distress—and there are robust studies to back up these claims.

Mushrooms are among the least toxic natural medicines, so the fact that they can be used safely by healthy people is no surprise, but what’s truly revolutionary is that they have demonstrated the potential positive effects of psychedelic therapy in patients with depression and anxiety.

Magic mushrooms are also considered an essential part of indigenous religions worldwide, and legalizing psilocybin could help Utah improve conditions for indigenous religions within its borders. This would be not only good for health and wellness but also religious freedom.

The Pro-Psychedelic Movement

The recent moves towards legalizing psychedelics in Utah are a sign of the continued momentum towards the normalization of psychedelics. The state’s conservative reputation belies its increasing acceptance of progressive values, and its willingness to take on the issue of psychedelic legalization is just one example of this.

Psychedelics have been stigmatized for decades, but they’ve also been studied as potential medicines in several situations. In fact, some studies indicate that psychedelics could be helpful in treating addiction and even mental illness. It’s time for more states, including Utah, to join the growing group of places looking at how psychedelics can benefit society.

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