With AI Grow, Scaled Automation Leads to Cultivation Optimization

It’s 3am… how moist is your soil? You could know with AI Grow. Developed by growers, for growers, the full suite of automation options offered by AI Grow takes environmental control and quality control  to precise new heights.

AI Grow is a Minnesota-based company founded and operated by a team of cannabis aficionados who share a uniquely blended skillset of being accomplished homegrow and commercial cannabis cultivators as well as hardcore hardware/software gurus leading the way in the emerging market for cutting-edge automated solutions in commercial cannabis operations.

With entry-level options up to full-blown automation, AI Grow works one-on-one with their clients to design optimized cultivation operations from the ground up, or to retrofit existing facilities with state-of-the-art solutions that can integrate and automate your core environmental controls like lighting, watering, fertigation, venting, airflow, HVAC, and more. This not only takes human error or inconsistency out of the equation, it frees up major labor costs otherwise spent on mundane tasks.

That’s all good, for sure, but when you strip away all the marketing, all the packaging, all the social media from every brand in every emerging and established rec cannabis market, and you get down to the weed itself, we have told you before and we will tell you again all that matters is: Was it good and how much did it cost?

AI Grow is in business to help brands bring better buds to market at affordable retail prices while maximizing their profit margins. Sounds like a win/win, right? Let’s dive deeper into the potential impact that automation is having on legal weed markets and high-grade hemp cultivation from coast to coast, and around the world.

Timers Can Only Take You So Far – AI Grow Takes You To The Next Level

Most cannabis cultivators will agree that the best buds come from plants that had that grower’s full attention from the moment they took root, through harvest, and beyond. Craft grows, as they have come to be known, undoubtedly kick out some fire weed but rarely (if ever) at a scale that allows them to stay afloat financially in today’s heavily taxed and regulated recreational markets.

Call it making ends meet, call it the bottom line, call it whatever you want but profitability matters and it is hard to do any of the above without maximizing your production. Once a farm or brand grows large enough to face the challenge of transitioning from a hands-in-the-soil connection to the crop to more of a systematic or SOP-based approach, yields may get bigger but so can the potential pitfalls.

As many brands have learned the hard way in recent years, perpetually harvesting boof doesn’t make dollars or sense in markets already flooded with mids.

Call us naive, but we still believe that most growers want to grow good weed, but there seems to be a real point of diminishing returns when it comes to the quality of the cannabis that can be produced once an operation reaches a certain scale.

Yes, that ziploc you used to get from the dude with dirt under his fingernails was full of bomb weed, but that is not how legal markets are set up. The next best thing is to allow that proven grower to establish an SOP which AI Grow can then automate to offer 24/7/365 optimization and data collection on those procedures.

This frees that grower up to hunt and select new phenos, research and acquire ever-evolving plant-knowledge, and continue to scale their operation, at their pace, with AI Grow guiding them to success every step of the way.

Indoor, Greenhouse, Or OutdoorCompound Your Quantity And Quality With AI Grow

Above we mentioned that Weed Marketing 101 comes down to “is it good?” and “what’s it cost?”, but the crucial next question that you need the buyer to ask is, “how can I get more?”

When dealing with a consumable product like cannabis, that second sale might be more important than the first one because it validates that something about the product was alluring enough to warrant a repeat purchase.

Yeah, well, another thing about cannabis is that it is a plant, and often a finicky one. A plant, though, who’s beauty lies in its incredible variety.

That’s cool and all… until you finally find a brand and some buds that work for you only to never be able to re-up on that specific full spectrum profile or that experience you were hoping to repeat.

Even with a warehouse full of stable genetics, the countless variables that factor into the final product – even post-harvest, post-processing, post-packaging – inevitably lead to slight or major variations in the same strain from the same farm from crop to crop. We now know that even if two harvests boast similarly sky-high THC totals, a minor discrepancy between the terpene profiles can lead to two very different experiences for the consumer.

“Once you’ve vetted a phenotype and are ready to put it into production, being able to consistently replicate the perfect conditions is critical to provide a product that can be forecasted reliably for a company and to also have a consistent product for the consumer so that they can enjoy the same effects and flavors time and time again.” According to AI Grow COO Daryl Denison.

This sort of inconsistency benefits nobody, and can be all the reason a dispensary needs to decide to quit carrying brands who struggle with it.

The precise data points delivered to you by your AI Grow system will reveal patterns – both good and bad – that will empower you to make the informed adjustments necessary throughout the grow cycle experienced at different times of the year in different parts of the world. Through its data collection and the integration and automation of your entire facility, AI Grow increases sustainability, slashes overhead, and helps you grow better weed and more of it.

It is important to note that all data collection is local, meaning AI Grow is not collecting or keeping your data on their end for any reason. In the Age of the Upsell, it is refreshing that they do not hold this data ransom behind some recurring paywall or subscription service. It is yours and yours alone and with the option to automate report transfers from your AI Grow interface to the Cloud, you can monitor your operation from anywhere.

Just like it makes no sense to run the A/C in your house with all the  windows open, that waste is compounded in a large-scale cannabis grow where utility costs are often one of the largest recurring expenses.

Working with your preferred hardware solutions, or ready to recommend high quality options, AI Grow integrates these core functions and takes over common sense tasks like closing vents prior to activating scheduled C02 applications, or automatically opening valves before activating the pumps that will send your custom nute mixes through those valves.

This stuff sounds simple, and it is, which is why humans tend to forget steps here and there.

This can manifest as a slow trickle of would-be profits going to utility providers, or it can manifest as a disastrously flooded grow room, or worse. Or it can be avoided altogether with scalable solutions from AI Grow.

Is AI Grow Right For You? It’s Free To Find Out!

A telephone conversation with a rep at AI Grow will cost you nothing and might be the key to take your business from barely surviving to truly thriving.

If you plan to be at MJBizCon this November 28th – December 1st, be sure to stop by the AI Grow Booth #55023 in the North Hall to meet the crew and discuss how scalable automation can work for you.

With your success as their only goal, AI Grow can work with your blueprints to bring a dream to reality, or with your existing facility and hardware to automate and optimize the entire cultivation process, including proper drying, and curing conditions, to ensure that you not only maximize yields but that you max out the aromas, flavors, and effects of the buds you bring to market to keep the market coming back for more. 
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