Alive & Well Taps in with Bay Area Mogul Larry June for a Mouthwatering Midnight Organic Live Resin Collab


Beard Bros Pharms - Midnight Organic Almost exactly one year ago, we told you about Alive & Well Live Resin vape carts, explaining their commitment to quality as they source only the stickiest and most flavorful flowers for their fresh frozen extraction process. The result is an accurately boosted expression of the natural flavor and effects of whatever strain they’re working with, delivered in 100% full spectrum live resin with no other additives, fillers, leveling agents, or terpenes.

In the past twelve months, not many days have gone by where I didn’t have an Alive & Well cart in my pocket… no matter where I was going. We have said it once and we’ll say it again – the Beard Bros don’t bring you boof. If we are hyping it, we are smoking it, too!

midnight-organic-alive-and-well So, when our team here at Beard Bros caught wind of a new product dropping from the Alive & Well crew, we had to know more.

When we heard that they’d be utilizing their unrivaled cut of one of our all-time favorite cultivars – Super Lemon Haze – our tastebuds took note.

When we learned that beloved Bay Area badass businessman and smooth-flowing lyricist Larry June was collaborating on the drop with his Midnight Organic lifestyle brand, we were all in.

If you’re thinking “oh great, another rapper jumping into the weed game”, think again. Larry June is an OG with connections from Atlanta to the Bay and his citrusy sweet look and lyrics are deeply rooted in cannabis culture.

Currently an independent artist, June (aka ‘Uncle Larry’) is best known in the hip-hop community for his EPs Larry and Orange Season (both released in 2016) and has toured with musicians such as Berner, Curren$y, and Post Malone. June’s latest studio album release titled Spaceships on the Blade dropped on August 19th of this year and is juiced up by the single ‘In My Pockets’ which is doing big numbers online racking up close to a million YouTube views in just a couple of months. So, yeah, the hype is real.

Credit: Yoshi “36neex” Uemura –

June is known for signing off his social media posts with orange fruit emojis and his Midnight Organic brand is just dripping with flavor so this Good Job Lemon Haze collab with Alive & Well is a gift from the citrus swag and terp gods and we are thankful!

Alive & Well x Midnight Organic

“We were hypercritical in sourcing something that could play the part in what we are building with Larry and that would meet his high standards,” says James of Alive & Well. “If you listen to Larry’s music or if you check out his Midnight Organic brand, you immediately recognize that smoothie/citrus identity. It’s not every day that weed smells this loud but you can smell this Lemon Haze through the bag even after it is fresh frozen… it’s just that damn terpy.”

Catching up with Sean of Alive & Well, he too is stoked about the upcoming Midnight Organic collab, telling us, “Adding to that citrus flavor profile is the synchronicity with Larry’s brand and his ethos of promoting a healthy and organic lifestyle. With our Alive & Well carts being 100% strain-specific live resin with no additives, our brands are a perfect blend.”

Consumers seeking out this potent partnership can find a store locator on the Alive & Well website but should be aware that this initial Midnight Organic collaboration is extremely limited. Your best bet is to find a store near you on their map then call ahead to make sure they have that dope shit from Alive & Well and Uncle Larry.

Look for the co-branded Alive & Well x Midnight Organic packaging on top shelves across Cali and if a buddy passes you a vape cart with an orange mouthpiece and a green collar there’s a good chance you got the good stuff!

Good Job, Larry! And good job, Alive & Well. They say life isn’t as sweet without the sour but this Super Lemon Haze Live Resin cart gives you the best of both.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Alive & Well X Beard Bros Media – Cannabis Education with Some Flavor

We are fortunate to cross paths with some real OGs in our travels and it is always refreshing to talk to people who have been in the game as long as we have, who have absorbed knowledge like we have, and who enjoy sharing that knowledge with others just as we do.

The crew over at Alive & Well is the perfect example of this and we are proud to announce that our camps will be collaborating on some future projects as well.

Vape carts continue to climb the ranks in cannabis consumption popularity but, unfortunately, there are still many misconceptions in the marketplace and there are still some pretty midsy products on store shelves. Together, we will clear the air and challenge this sector of the market to elevate the conversation and the quality of cannabis vape cartridges.

Keep it locked on our news page, our Instagram page, and the Alive & Well IG page to be the first to see these upcoming educational installments from the voices you trust.

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