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Beard Bros Pharms 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Still searching for a present for your favorite stoner?  Delight all the folks on your holiday list with a little something from the annual Beard Bros gift guide! We searched far and wide to find the most wanted cannabis products and accessories this season, discovering tons of innovative new offerings and some old favorites too. With plenty of independent and women-owned brands on the list, you can shop guilt-free knowing your hard-earned money will go to supporting the folks who truly deserve it.

Now, let’s get into the holiday spirit – on with the show!


A quintessential classic perfect for smokers of all types

Sol Spirit Gift Box

sol spirit holiday gift bo
Sol Spirit Farm’s holiday gift box

Trinity County favorites Sol Spirit Farm have made shopping for the earth-conscious cannabis lover in your life (and supporting the Emerald Triangle) easy with their holiday edition gift box. Known for its strong environmentalism, award-winning sun-grown bud, and eco-friendly packaging, Sol Spirit Farm embodies regenerative agriculture in everything they do. 

The $159 gift box is worth every penny coming jam-packed with product. The box features an eighth each of Sol Shine, OG, Mother’s Milk, and Burmese Mimosa (co-owner Judi Nelson’s all time-fav). Two joints each of Higher Vision and Sol Shine top off the flower offerings while a $50 gift certificate toward a glamping excursion to the farm completes the set.

Sol Spirit holiday gift boxes can be ordered directly on the farm’s website. Delivery or pick-up will then be arranged through partner retailers. Beard Bros readers can get a free organic t-shirt with their order by using the code “Beardbros” at checkout.

Available in California


Hey Bud

hey bud cannabis
Hey Bud Cannabis

Hey Bud is a woman and minority-owned business and has been growing small-batch craft cannabis in Long Beach since 2018, winning the first indoor cultivation license in the area post Prop 64. Launched with consumers in mind, the brand ensures any consumer wanting high-end flower gets it (even on a budget).   

The Hey Bud team is hands-on during the entire life cycle of the plant, ensuring every harvest packaged is something they all love to smoke. If it doesn’t meet their standards, they don’t package it. Drops also tend to be exclusive, meaning you’ll want to collect them all! Hey Bud offers 2g bag options, which make great stocking stuffers. They also have 4g flower bags, and will be coming out with rosin gummies and concentrates in 2023.

Available in California


Naughty Squirrel

naughty squirrel farms
Naughty Squirrel Farms

Another women-owned brand offering outdoor and mixed light flower grown in Lake County and Calaveras, Naughty Squirrel Farms took home multiple accolades at the first-ever California State Fair Cannabis Awards. The brand has several tasty strains in its catalog including Venom OG, Lemon Vuitton, and Slightly Stoopid.

Flower is available in eigths, pre-rolls, and handy Squirrel Pack tins, which contain seven mini joints. If you want to go the extra mile, book a trip to the Calaveras location where an event center on-site is available for parties and special occasions.

Available in California



Cherry World

cherry world cannabis
Cherry World Cannabis

A fun and fresh Venice-based brand, Cherry World serves SoCal skatepark vibes and stoner-approved bud. The company’s premium indoor flower and streetwear line provides a full spectrum of gifts for the hip flower fan in your life.

Cherry World’s premium indoor flower is ferociously potent, with a robust terpene profile and top-shelf bag appeal. The brand offers eighth jars, one gram mylars, pre-rolls, and multi-joint packs in a wide variety of strains. Select 5-joint packs come in branded child-resistant reusable pouches complete with matches and stickers.

Available in California



Tasty snacks even better than Santa’s milk and cookies

Superior Farms Gummies

Superior Farms Gummies
Superior Farms Gummies

For gummy fans seeking a treat that kicks in quickly, Superior Farms gummies are the answer. Utilizing cannabis grown by Finnegan’s Farm in Two Harbors, Minnesota, and fast-acting water-soluble technology from Superior Molecular, the Superior Farms rapid uptake gummies pack a flavorful punch. The texture is chewy and pleasant with a deliciously sweet and fruity taste.

Available in green apple, blue raspberry, grape, pineapple mango, and strawberry, there’s a Superior Farms gummy for every edible fan on your list. Each package contains 50mg total of delta-9 THC in 5mg servings.

Available nationwide


Granny’s Pretzels

Granny's Pretzels
Granny’s Pretzels

Dangerously delicious, Granny’s Pretzels are a snack you won’t be able to stop eating. Another fine offering from Superior Molecular, these pretzels contain 1mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC each. But don’t let the smaller dose fool you: Granny’s Pretzels are so good, you’ll end up wanting to finish the whole 50mg bag in one go, resulting in an extremely potent edible experience.

Available in original, cheddar, and cinnamon (with a s’mores flavor dropping just in time for the holidays), Granny’s Pretzels are irresistible fan favorites your friends and family will ask for again and again.

Available nationwide


Toci Treats

Toci Treats, Passion Fruit

As the first edible to offer a smoker’s high, Toci Treats from The People’s Ecosystem are an innovative product making a splash in their native California. Relying on pharma-grade technology called Unlokt™, Toci Treats use protein to deliver cannabinoids to the body for consistent effects and impressive bioavailability. The typical sluggish effects typically experienced with edibles go out the window, replaced by the cerebral 

The strain-specific PB Soufflé live resin in the Passion Fruit Gummy unlocks creativity and turns consumers into social butterflies. With 10mg of THC per serving, Toci Treats provides a perfectly mellow buzz unlike anything you’ve had before.

Available in  California


Doctor Dabs Maple Candy

Doc Dabs Maple Candy
Doctor Dabs Maple Candy

Reminiscent of Saturday morning flapjacks, the maple candies from Doctor Dabs melt in your mouth, sending you into a state of sheer bliss. The Healthy Highs morsels have only two ingredients: all-natural maple sap from founder Clemon Dabney’s trees, and water-soluble cannabinoids from Super Molecular. Doctor Dabs Maple Candy recently took home the Most Innovative THC award at the Legacy Cup, leaving judges wanting more of the creamy, delectable treats.

Each maple candy from Doctor Dabs contains 5mg of delta-9 THC, with 10 candies in each bag. Give your loved ones a taste of the Northwoods with Doctor Dabs.

Available nationwide 


Sour Spacedrops from Space Gems

space gem sour spacedrops
Space Gem Sour Spacedrops

A cannabis industry favorite, Space Gem has been keeping the culture lit for nearly a decade. Crafted in Humboldt by owner Wendy Baker using potent single-source ice water hash, these gummies hit hard, sending the most experienced consumers to the far reaches of the universe. Formulated with all-natural vegan ingredients, Sour Spacedrops from Space Gem have twenty pucker-forming flavors in rotation at any time meaning you’ll always have something fresh.

Sour Spacedrops come in 10mg servings, with ten gummies per tin. The adorable and funky branding will please everyone on your list.

Available in California



Looper Alternative Cannabinoids
Looper Alternative Cannabinoids

Feel like you are out of this world with the LOOPERVERSE line of alternative cannabinoids. With the likes of THC-O, THC-P, D9-O, HHC, and others, these space-age hemp-derived products will satisfy your galactic tastes. Enjoy exclusive blends of these alt cannabinoids for an extra potent experience, and find yourself lifted to the moon in no time. 

LOOPER is offering several promos on its site to celebrate the holiday and its newest product launch, the Packwoods caviar blunt!

Available nationwide



Puff, puff, pass the weed pen this holiday season


VapeNprop Vape Pen Stand

A super slick gift for every vape fan you know, the VapeNprop is truly unique. The 3-D printed vape pen holders keep batteries and carts upright, safe, and ready to go at all times. The VapeNprop is flexible, durable, and comes in several limited-edition designs appealing to all aesthetics. The puzzle pieces, fighter jets, circling sharks, and dragon/sun/moon/leaf set are especially fun.

Woman-owned and made in the USA, the company is determined to elevate the vaping experience. Help your friends and family prevent weed pen clogs, leaks, and damage with the VapeNprop. At only $10 a pop with super affordable shipping, you’ll be able to snag a VapeNprop for every person on your gift list.  

Available nationwide



DIMO Product Family

DIMO is the premier online resource for the highest quality alternative cannabinoid products. From Delta-8 to Delta-10, and even legal Delta-9 products, DIMO’s lab-tested and vetted goods will help you blast off during your next sesh. Enjoy infused pre-rolls, tasty edibles, and high-quality vapes with classic strains and flavors. 

This holiday they have several products on sale for the 12 days leading up to Xmas. So grab some great stocking stuffers for the 4/20 friendly family members today.

Available nationwide


Alive and Well

midnight organic alive and well
Midnight Organic x Alive and Well

Makers of terp-rich live resin carts, Alive and Well is definitely Beard Bros-approved. The brand has an impressive selection of strains with literally something for everyone. 

Alive and Well recently launched a collab with famed Bay Area rapper Larry June’s Midnight Organic brand using a highly-sought after Super Lemon Haze cut. Finding one of these mouthwatering carts under the Christmas tree will definitely lead to a smile bigger than Santa’s sleigh.

Available in California



Presents for pets and wellness warriors alike

Bad Apple Pets

doggie dreams by bad apple pets
Doggie Dreams Pet Treats from Bad Apple Pets

Need a nifty gifty for your furry friend? Bad Apple Pets has you covered! Offering handcrafted farm-to-pet hemp treats, tinctures, soaps, and toys, Wisconsin-based Bad Apple Pets has the health of your companion animal at the front of mind. The full-spectrum CBD oil used in the brand’s products comes from sustainably grown hemp from the family farm, with all-natural human-grade ingredients completing the recipes.

Bad Apple Pets offers doggie dreams CBD treats in 2.5mg or 5mg doses (available in 10oz and 16oz bags) as well 500mg bottles of beef-flavored pet tincture. Give your four-legged family members the gift of calm bodies and calm minds this Christmas with Bad Apple Pets. Beard Bros readers can get 20% off their order by using the code beardbros at checkout.

Available nationwide


Element Apothec

Element Apothec
Element Apothec

Harnessing the powers of cannabinoids in skincare and wellness, Element Apothec is a woman-led brand evolving the beauty space one product at a time, and recently announced their partnership with the first cannabis wellness resort in Thailand. The company’s artisanal product offerings include a range of serums, lotions, tinctures, and balms that meet a variety of needs, whether you want to get better rest, improve skin health, or relax and recover. The CBD patches are especially useful, especially after long days enjoying your favorite winter activities.

Element Apothec products may be purchased individually but their bundles make amazing gifts for your favorite self-care fanatics. Give the gift of wellness with Element Apothec.

Available nationwide


Applecrest Hemp

Applecrest Hemp Collective
Applecrest Hemp Collective

Applecrest Hemp Collective is a unique hybrid apple orchard and hemp farm offering high-quality, all-natural cannabinoid products. Flower is cultivated inside an automated facility within the farm’s barn to achieve peak potency. The brand’s line of tinctures, honey, and edibles use a water-soluble CBD extracted using in-house supercritical technology. Smokable flower straight from the orchard rounds out the company’s offerings.

Applecrest Hemp’s products are all-natural and bring a little slice of the country wherever they go.

Available nationwide


Moody’s Medicinals

Moody's Medicinals Product Lineup

A CBD brand with a metal twist, Moody’s Medicinals is the brainchild of Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody. Moody, who credits cannabis with helping him overcome addiction, created the brand to help share his plant medicine success with others. Moody’s Medicinals offers tinctures, roll-on gel, gummies, and D8 pre-rolls meant for metalheads and wellness fans alike.

Available nationwide


Fountain of Health

Fountain of Health CBD
Fountain of Health CBD Melt-eeze

Another family-focused cannabinoid brand, Fountain of Health offers a wide range of farm-to-shelf products meant to improve your quality of life. Based in Colorado, the brand provides melt-away gummies, tinctures, topicals, and pet products in a range of cannabinoid concentrations. Many products contain CBN or CBG, which have exploded in popularity thanks to their therapeutic benefits.

Available nationwide



A little something special for every stoner

WaxNax x Dip Devices Bundle

waxnax and dip devices bundle
WaxNax x Dip Devices Dabbing Bundle

Perfect for dabbing on the go, the WaxNax x Dip Devices bundle has everything you need to enjoy a full concentrate experience anytime, anywhere. This stellar collab features two empty WaxNax units, which are portable carrying cases for up to 20 types of concentrates each. An included Little Dipper electric honey straw allows you to seamlessly dab any of your oils with a push of a button using Dip Devices’ innovative direct-to-concentrate technology. A tweezer for easy loading rounds out the package.

The WaxNax x Dip Devices bundle is on sale for $48.99, a major come-up for such high-quality products. Your friends and family will love their gifts so much, you may even want to treat yourself.

Available nationwide


Phoenician Grinders

Beard Bros Pharms Beard Bros Media Phoenician Grinders Best Weed Grinder
Phoenician Grinders Best Weed Grinder

The flower fans in your life will adore a gift from Phoenician Grinders. The world’s best herb grinder, these bad boys use diametrically cut razor-sharp teeth for an even grind. An innovative quick lock design means you never have to struggle with sticky cross-threading again. A Beard Bros fav, the Phoenician grinders are the only tools our staff uses to prep the perfect blunts and bowls.

Available nationwide


Trip AAA Glass

Trip AAA Glass
Trip AAA Glass Art

There are thousands of talented glass artists all over the world, but the psychedelic stylings of Ashley Ann Austin (aka Trip AAA) are truly mesmerizing. Offering a dazzling mix of pipes, dab rigs, marbles, and even some blotter art, Trip AAA’s fresh take on the heady art scene will literally blow your mind. Unwrapping a gift from this famed artist will likely be the highlight of any Christmas morning.

Available nationwide


Boveda Terpene Shields

Original Terpene Shield by Boveda
Boveda Terpene Shields

Keep your cannabis fresh and save the terps with the Original Terpene Shield™ by Boveda. These two-way humidity control packets are made from food-safe salts and water housed within a semipermeable membrane. Simply toss a pack into your jar or bag to reach the ideal relative humidity (RH) to prevent over-drying and mold. Available in two RH levels, 58% and 62%, and five sizes, you’ll be able to protect as little or as much bud as you’d like.

The “Give Terps a Chance” bundle makes a great gift, or you could throw a few terp shields in each stocking.

Available nationwide


Buy Weed From Women Apparel

Buy Weed From Women
Buy Weed From Women

The mission behind Buy Weed From Women is pretty clear: support women-owned brands, and elevate their voices and names at all times. Founded by writer Jasmine Mans, BWFW’s line of shirts, totes, and jackets is designed to raise awareness and remove the stigma associated with cannabis. The brand has seen several high-profile collabs drop, including partnerships with Etain Health and Cannaclusive.

Available nationwide



A Christmas concentrate for any dab head


Globs rosin
Globs Wagyu Rosin, photo credit Tom Bowers

Globs is truly the people’s brand, offering straightforward and high-quality extracts at an affordable price point. The company’s shatter, diamonds, and sauce have been fan favorites for a hot minute but the brand’s recently released rosin has taken Globs to the next level.

The brand’s Wagyu rosin was recently named concentrate of the month by California Leaf magazine, offering a “smooth and savory” terpene profile. Rounding out the current rosin selection are Zkittlez and Tropaya along with a dynamic menu on the BHO side. Rumor has it that Globs cartridges are dropping soon, which would make a wonderful stocking stuffer.

Available in California


Just Jane 

Just Jane extracts
Just Jane Extracts

A renowned Oklahoma cultivator and concentrates brand, Just Jane crafts delectable rosin in-house that is deliciously terpy and impressively strong. The company’s catalog is ever-changing, but the MAC x GMO hash rosin and Mendo Breath live rosin are especially dank. Currently on deck in the lab is Peach Juice rosin, which promises to be another stellar entry.

Available in Oklahoma


Sticky Fish

Sticky Fish cannabis
Sticky Fish Extracts

Offering badder, sugar, sauces, and wax, Sticky Fish is a popular Massachusetts brand quickly gaining steam. Aiming to be the “fresh water” of the cannabis industry, the company is firm on its flash-frozen material for a terp-rich experience. Sticky Fish is definitely one to watch, with their live resin carts recently taking first place in the MA High Times Cannabis Cup.

Available in Massachusetts


Kola Farms

Kola Farms concentrates
Kola Farms Concentrates

A High Times People’s Choice award winner in Michigan, Kola Farms crafts exquisite farm-to-table products including small-batch solventless budder and jam, along with top-shelf live resin diamonds and badder. The strain list will certainly satisfy every concentrate fan on your list, with classics such as Tangie and Purple Hindu Kush right alongside hot new offerings like Ghee Butter.

Available in Michigan



Beverages certain to invite holiday cheer


Klaus Cannabis Beverages

Developed by master mixologist Warren Bobrow, Klaus is a refreshing line of terpene-forward ready-to-drink mocktails crafted with the finest ingredients. Inspired by his world travels, Bobrow’s beverages are bursting with flavor and will instantly transport you to exotic locales. The Mezzerole uses Picketts™ ginger syrup and French lime extract, offering a tangy and effervescent nose that’s luxurious, to say the least.

With 10mg of THC per can, and conveniently sold in singles or four-packs, Klaus is the perfect addition to your holiday shopping list.

Available in California, expanding in 2023


Uncle Arnie’s

Uncle Arnie's
Uncle Arnie’s

Another Beard Bros fav, Uncle Arnie’s has taken California by storm quickly becoming a top-seller in the beverage category. The ultra-potent drinks contain 100mg of THC per bottle and come in a variety of tasty flavors. The nanomolecular technology within sees the drinks hitting fast and hard, even if you opt to sip throughout the day.

Uncle Arnie’s standard beverages come in 8oz bottles while the mini shots pack 100mg into 2oz of liquid. For friends with insomnia, try the CBN blueberry nightcap edition.

Available in California


Lupulin Strawberry Lemonade Seltzer

Smazey THC Seltzer
Smazey Strawberry Lemonade Seltzer

In Minnesota, craft brewers are diving headfirst into the THC drinks game in a big way. Arguably one of the best products to come out of the beverage boom is the Smazey Strawberry Lemonade THC Seltzer from Big Lake-based Lupulin Brewing. Light, crisp, and evenly balanced, Smazey is ridiculously delicious leaving consumers rethinking everything they knew about cannabis seltzers.

Each can of Smazey contains 12mg of delta-9 THC conveniently sold in four packs that can be shipped across the US. Impress your friends and be the hit of the holiday party scene with Smazey.

Available nationwide


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